How to Be Happy for Your Friends in Relationships ...


It's never any fun being the third wheel. It's not much fun hearing your friends brag about their relationships when you're "forever alone," either. However, you shouldn't be bitter about their happiness. Here's how to be happy for your friends in relationships:

1. Remember That You Want Them to Be Happy

Remember That You Want Them to Be Happy

The most important thing to remember is that you love your friend and want them to be happy. If you're miserable being single, why would you want them to be miserable, too? Be happy that they've found someone to spend time with. Besides, wouldn't they be happy for you if the roles were reversed and you were the one with a boyfriend?

Remember That There Are Aspects of Your Life That Are Better than Their Life


Be happy for life !!!
When one of your good friends starts dating your best friend(who's a guy) and its al sweet and cute. But it starts getting really annoying since she's acting like she knows him a lot better than I do....
Find a boyfriend, easier said than done
Nope I have lots of friends that are single!
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