17 Magic Words That'll Enhance Your Relationship ...


17 Magic Words That'll Enhance Your Relationship ...
17 Magic Words That'll Enhance Your Relationship ...

If you want your relationship to last, then you need to talk to your man with respect, and he should return the favor. Otherwise, you two are going to run into plenty of problems. If you want to keep your relationship strong, here are a few magic words to use as often as you can:

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Please Whenever you ask him to do the dishes or take out the trash, make sure to say "please." Once you get used to him doing favors for you, it's easy to take them for granted.



Thanks Even though he's your boyfriend, he's not required to make you dinner or call you beautiful. When he does nice things for you, make sure you thank him to show him that you appreciate it.



Love He already knows that you love him, but that doesn't mean you're off the hook. You should still tell him how you feel as often as possible. Those three little words don't take long to say.



Appreciate If he does you a favor, tell him that you appreciate the help. It'll make him feel wanted.



Feel When you get angry at him, don't tell him that he did something stupid. Instead, say that you "feel" upset about how he handled himself. It won't sound as harsh.



Sorry Don't assume that he knows you're sorry. You should actually say the words aloud. They're more meaningful that way.


In this article, the author emphasizes the importance of communication in relationships. They suggest that simply assuming your partner knows you're sorry is not enough, and that actually saying the words aloud can have a greater impact. This is supported by the image of a cartoon character saying "sorry" with a sad expression, conveying the idea that words hold more weight when spoken. This advice is specifically targeted towards women, as the article is published on a women-focused blog in the "love" category. The author also implies that this simple phrase can have a magical effect on relationships, further emphasizing the significance of expressing one's feelings and apologizing in a relationship.



Forgive If he apologizes to you, make sure you let him know that you forgive him. Otherwise, he could mope around for days.



We If you refer to your shared apartment as "my" apartment instead of "ours," it's going to cause problems. If you want your relationship to last, you have to start thinking of yourselves as a team.



Lucky Don't take your relationship for granted. Always remember how lucky you are to have him--and make sure to let him know you feel that way.


(his Name)

(his Name) Men love to hear the sound of their name. Don't wait until you're having sex to taste it on your tongue. Use it in everyday conversation.



Happy When you're happy, tell him! Don't expect him to guess how you're feeling based off of your smile.



Miss When you miss him, tell him. Or at least text him. It'll put him in a better mood.



Understand When he's explaining why he's upset with you, don't flip out on him. Listen to his side of the story and tell him that you understand. Then you can make your argument.



Respect Even if you don't agree with his opinion, you can tell him that you respect his opinion. It sounds like a corny thing to say, but it can have a major impact on his mood.



Help Ask him if he needs any help, even if you're not in the mood to lend a hand. It's the least you can do.



Together You're an individual, but you're also part of a team. Don't forget that. You two should be making major decisions together.



Support Whenever he makes a decision, let him know that you support him. It's always nice to know that you have someone on your side.

Don't talk down to your boyfriend, because he doesn't deserve the ill treatment. What other magic words do you use to keep your relationship strong?

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@Monique You right cutie 😂

Fabulous ! Having a laugh and a giggle is a good one too !

Great article:)

Mine doesn't like hearing his name. Says it's weird lol

How on earth do you address someone if it's not by their name or alias they go by?

It's important to both have respect each other. These words are very important!

Never stop saying please and thank you! One way to have a great relationship is when you never take each other for granted!

who needs a man anyways 🤷🏻‍♀️

Love this!! I think "sorry" should be on the list, too.

I agree with this post. It is so important to verbalize actions as much as it is to do them!

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