These 17 Things Don't Matter when You're Madly in Love ...


These 17 Things Don't Matter when You're Madly in Love ...
These 17 Things Don't Matter when You're Madly in Love ...

When you're in love, nothing else matters. You won't care what your boyfriend looks like or where he's from, as long as you two make each other happy. After all, happiness is the most important thing in life. That's why these things don't really matter when you're madly in love:

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How Much Money He Makes

How Much Money He Makes As long as you two can survive on your combined paychecks, why would it matter how much money he makes? You don't need to be rich in order to feel blessed.


Where He Lives

Where He Lives It doesn't matter if he lives thousands of miles away. If you really like him, then you'll make the long distance relationship work.


How Old He is

How Old He is As long as it's legal to date him, then it doesn't matter how big your age difference is. It's just a number, after all.


If Your Parents like Him

If Your Parents like Him Sure, it would be nice to have your parent's approval. Of course, they don't own you, which means they can't stop you from dating the love of your life.


His Height

His Height We all want a tall boy that'll lean down to kiss us. Of course, if we fall in love with a man who's shorter than us, we won't really care.


His Weight

His Weight It doesn't matter if he weighs less than us or if he's overweight, as long as he's healthy enough to live a long life with us.


His Number

His Number It doesn't matter how many women he's slept with in the past, because you're the only woman he'll sleep with in the future.


His Music Taste

His Music Taste It's nice to date someone that shares your love for One Direction, but if he can't stand the band, you won't mind. Opposites attract, right?


His Family

His Family Your family doesn't have to love him, and his family doesn't have to love you. As long as they can handle holidays with you, you're golden.


His Education

His Education You won't judge him if he didn't even finish high school. You know he's smart in his own way.


His Job

human action, person, romance, interaction, kiss, When you're madly in love, it won't matter if he's a famous athlete or a starving artist. Either way, you'll be proud of him.


His Skin Color

His Skin Color It doesn't matter if his skin color matches yours. It has no impact on your relationship.


Their Gender

Their Gender It doesn't matter if you fall for a boy or a girl. As long as you're happy with them, gender isn't an issue.


His Pets

His Pets You might hate cats, but if the love of your life owns a few, you'll learn to love them--or at least tolerate them.


His Grammar

His Grammar We all hate when men shorten their words and use horrible grammar. Of course, if you really love a guy, it won't matter if his spelling is atrocious.


His Hobbies

His Hobbies Even if you don't appreciate the sound of the drums, you won't mind the fact that he plays them constantly. As long as he's happy, you'll be happy.


His Background

His Background It doesn't matter if he was raised by rich or poor parents. No matter what you learn about his past, you'll still love him.

True love is blind, which is why none of these things will matter once you find the right man for you. Are you madly in love?

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I guess love really is blind, because these things really do matter to a solid, mature relationship.

Mostly false

Well the title says "when you're madly in love" !!

Lets say nothing matters when ur in love :p

So true love is blind.

N0 13 is a No No ! ✖

Some of these things matter because when your madly, blind love phase wears out a few years into the marriage, you'll wake up and realize you need more.

But then love 'is' all about building everything together, supporting esp. In bad times and not everybody is blessed with all ticked checklist but one can surely work towards that to-do list !!!

Yep love has a way of making things seem rosy but that is what love is all about love can be blind

True- to a degree. Does his/her education matter? No, but it can be an indication of a lack of ambition or lack of intelligence, which are important to me. And as for gender, the "gender doesn't matter" thing probably only goes for those of us who are pan.

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