How do I Flirt on Instagram ?


How do I Flirt on Instagram ?
How do I Flirt on Instagram ?

How do I flirt on Instagram? Very simple, ladies! First, you detect signs of Instagram flirting. For instance, when a guy likes your Instagram photo and leaves a comment that shows he is interested, you can absolutely start your flirting game! Here's how:

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The Best Flirting Tactic on Instagram is Keeping up the Likes. like Every Second or Third Photo from the Most Recent. It's Best to do It in One Sitting - so That It Does Not Look like You Are Obsessing over Them the Entire Day

person, speech, One of the easiest and often best ways to flirt on Instagram is to simply like plenty of their photos (and by plenty I mean up to 7 max - more than that will look a little too obsessive)! No, I don't mean you have to like every single photo they upload or go back through their history to like the previous ones. Just stick to liking some of their photos, say, every second photo or even every third. This way you won't look like you're online 24/7 (even if you are!) and you also won't come across too eager to get noticed.


When liking photos, timing is crucial too. Engage with their latest posts rather sooner than later. Reacting to their stories can be a subtle way to slide into direct messages without seeming invasive. A casual comment or a cute emoji response can strike a conversation and show you're interested in what they're sharing. But remember, keep it light and playful. No need to pour your heart out or write essays—simplicity often speaks volumes in the digital flirting game.


Be Wise with Leaving Comments - Fun Emoji Are a Yes, Leaving Personal Info - is a No-no

, When it comes to comments, it might seem like a really good idea to leave your phone number or your other social media usernames for the person to see, but it's best to keep your personal info away as you don't know who else is going to see your comment on their photo. If you really want to give them these details, though, send them a private message and do it via this way. It's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to privacy!


Find Them outside of Insta and Use That Info to Make a Better Judgement about This Guy. do Not Tell Them You Stalked Them on Other Media as Well

quinceañera, barbie, If you're keen to flirt with someone and you don't want to go through all the hassle of the Insta stuff, why not see if they have their other social media usernames in their bio and find them on there? This can also be a great way to get to know more about them and their life, as opposed to just simply seeing a feed of their photos on Insta. Plus there are lots of more ways to flirt when you have the person on all different social media platforms.


Know How to Comment on the Photo Appropriately - Look at the Comment You Are Typing with Their Eyes and Eyes of Their Other Followers. Keep It Light

hair, face, person, glasses, head, No one wants to receive creepy and/or inappropriate comments on their photos, and this goes for both guys and girls. So, it's super important to know how to flirt appropriately and be aware of not only what you're doing to flirt but also how it might come across to the person on the receiving end! The last thing you want is give that person a bad impression of you because of a comment you left on their photo.


Only like Their Recent Photos - You Will Most Likely Look through Their Entire Page, but Liking Photos from 3 Years Ago Will Show That You Really Dug Deep and Might Come across as Stalky or Too Clingy

person, sense, As I've previously said, you should be liking their photos as a flirting tactic, but make sure you stick with only liking recent photos of theirs. Going way back through their feed and liking some of their very first photos from way back in the day can come across as downright creepy. Remember, they will know tell how far down you've scrolled through their feed to get to those super old photos!


Message Them Directly Once the Rapport via Comments is Built - Flirting on Instagram in Dm is like Flirting via Texts - Same Rules Apply

hair, pink, blond, hairstyle, beauty, Flirting on Insta is great in the way that the person you're trying to catch the attention of can see your likes, comments etc., but remember that so can everyone else! Not everyone feels comfortable flirting with an audience seeing everything you say and do, understandably so, in which case you should make use of the private message feature on Insta and only comment publicly when it's something you don't mind other people seeing.


Flirting on Instagram can be a fun and effective way to catch someone's attention. However, it's important to remember that your interactions are not private and can be seen by anyone. If you're not comfortable with this, you can use the direct message feature to privately flirt with the person you're interested in. This allows you to have more intimate conversations without the pressure of an audience. It's also important to keep in mind that flirting on Instagram is similar to flirting through texts, so the same rules apply. Be genuine, playful, and respectful in your messages to build a strong rapport with the person you're interested in.


Stop if It's Not Being Reciprocated - and by "stop" I Mean No More Likes, No More Comments, No More DM. Wait a Few Weeks to Unfollow

person, supermodel, fashion, model, singer, While it can be pretty fun to be all flirty, you don't want to be the girl that can't take a hint when your various flirting tactics aren't getting noticed or reciprocated by the other person. If you've tried all of the tips above but you're not getting anything back from them, it might be time to stop and find someone else. Look on the bright side, there are plenty of people on Insta nowadays so you shouldn't have any trouble finding someone new to flirt with instead!

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