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How to Get the Sparks Fly for Girls in Need of a Good Convo Starter ...

By Lauren

How awful are those silent moments with a new date? It’s awkward because you are a long way from that special time in your relationship when you can happily share silence and be comfortable. Don’t scratch about thinking of things to say – try these:

1 Weather

It might seem boring and cliché, but think about it this way, on a first date the only thing you know 100% that you are going to have in common is that you have been sharing the same weather. It won’t be a deep conversation on the surface of things, but talking about the weather can branch off in to more interesting conversations about your favorite outdoor activities, holidays and any number of topics!

2 School Days

One of the best conversation ice-breakers is to ask one another about your school days. School life covered such a long and transforming period of a person’s life that there will always be a number of interesting stories and tales to tell about your experience. You will be able to bond over favorite and least favorite subjects, what clubs you were in, all of the character building kind of stuff!

3 Sports

If your new date likes sports, engage him in conversation about his favorite teams and games. Even if you aren’t particularly interested in sports yourself, it will show him that you are willing to learn about his passions and this will benefit you in the long term when he reciprocates and engages in more of your personal interests too.

4 Gadgets

In today’s society, you can’t walk five feet without coming in to contact with some new gadget, and the cool thing is that they can actually be the sparking topic of a nice conversation. Comparing smartphones is a sneaky way to encourage a couple of a first date selfies to be taken, and hey presto, you’ve got yourself a new background picture with your new romance!

5 Facebook

It is always a good idea to bring up Facebook, that you can friend each other early on and a conversation could be sparked by any mutual friends that you might discover you have in common. It really is a small world; you may be surprised by how linked you and your new date already are. Kevin Bacon is bound to feature in there somewhere!

6 Family

If your family life is something that brings you joy, do not be scared to share that with your new date. Think about it this way; if you are going to be entering in to a relationship with your date, then it is important to share stories and feelings about your families with one another. It breeds a positive sense of familiarity early on.

7 Food

Food is always a good and safe conversation starter that has the potential to turn in to a much more interesting discussion. Talk about your food heaven and food hell, find out if you share any foody passions or hates and you can even cheekily work this conversation in to setting up a second date at the restaurant of your choice!

8 Favorite Movies, TV & Music

Our entertainment tastes play a big part in shaping our lives, so it is good to have an engaging conversation about all of your favorites, from actresses to singers to childhood cartoons! Nothing wrong with a bit of healthy debate about exactly which Star Wars movie is the best or whether you’d rather watch Jonah Hill or Melissa McCarthy!

9 Current Affairs

Talking about current affairs will help you get a good of each other in terms of social and political beliefs, which ultimately is a very important part of being in a relationship. Sharing common ground on some important issues is vital, as you will not want to be fighting a current affairs battle every single day. Just don’t be too controversial as this can be off-putting.

The point is to not stress. Even the most mundane topic can get the conversation flowing so don’t be afraid to say something because it sounds boring. You have to start somewhere and words are better than silence.

Do you have a go-to icebreaker?

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