How to Make a Date Night of Grocery Shopping ...


How to Make a Date Night of Grocery Shopping ...
How to Make a Date Night of Grocery Shopping ...

Want to know how to make a date night of grocery shopping? When you are in a relationship and actually living with someone, it might be fair to say that the commitment and enthusiasm to get out on a date night is dampened because you are already spending your evenings and weekends in each other’s company. This is a fair progression, but you shouldn’t become too complacent. It’s always good to add a little fun back into things whenever you can. If you can’t find the time to set a proper date night, why not incorporate it into something that you have to do anyway? Here is how to make a date night of grocery shopping.

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Go at Unpopular Times

Visit the grocery store when you know that there aren’t going to be that many people in the aisles. When the store is basically empty it can turn from being a hectic place to a really cool, kind of tranquil place that you can roam around in at your own pace. They have music playing for you on the speakers, you can have a little kiss and cuddle as you go around. There is something kind of innocent feeling about it! This is one of the best tips for how to make a date night of grocery shopping.


Hold Hands

Make sure to hold hands or join arms as you are going round with your shopping cart. When you are going from one place to another in a car etc., you don’t get much of a chance to enjoy the little physical intimacies that create a close connection. When all you are doing is walking at a slow pace around a food store, holding hands is a great thing to do!



Like I said above, most good grocery stores pump music out of their speakers for the customers to enjoy, so why not make the most of it and have a little dance party for two as you go around! If you have kids, then you probably haven’t been out to the club for a long time, so turn the grocery store into the club for the 30 to 45 minutes that you are in there shopping!


Bring Your Date Home!

The best part is that you get to bring your date home at the end of it all! Not only will they help you carry the bags to the kitchen, but they will also help you take your clothes off in the bedroom after all the food has been put away!

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