Genius Ways to Stop Feeling Lovesick for Girls Sick of Unreciprocated Feelings ...


Genius Ways to Stop Feeling Lovesick for Girls Sick of Unreciprocated Feelings ...
Genius Ways to Stop Feeling Lovesick for Girls Sick of Unreciprocated Feelings ...

Have you recently had to deal with the soul-crushing conundrum of being well and truly lovesick and are now trying to figure out how to stop feeling lovesick? Falling for someone who doesn’t reciprocate those feelings is one of the worst things in the world, especially because you are the only one of the pair who is now currently feeling this unexpected bout of sorrow over a relationship that never even had the chance to begin! It might not seem like it right now, but you will get over these feelings in time, but if you are desperate to change your attitude and state of mind right now, then here's how to stop feeling lovesick.

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Ask Him out

One of the best answers for how to stop feeling lovesick is to just go for it. You could always throw caution to the wind and ask him out. You never know, he might be better at hiding his affection than you are, and all it might take is a simple question to get past this lovesick stage in to maybe something more!


Hate Him

Okay, hate is a strong word, but if you are going up against a brick wall in terms of affection, then you might as well channel your emotions in the opposite direction and resent him for making you feel this way!


Look for Flaws

Dig deep to try to look for flaws in your crush. The more you pay attention to the negative traits he has, the less attracted to him you will start to be, and the less lovesick you will start to feel.


Stay Occupied

Try to fill your days with activities that will go toward taking your mind off of your lovesickness. The busier you are, the less likely you are going to be to dwell on your love life.



Do the opposite of becoming a lovesick hermit. Get out there and socialize as much as you can. Get together with friends for a session or two of escapism, or go and visit your family for some of the TLC that only our nearest and dearest know how to give.


Destroy Memories

Have a little destruction session of your very own. Collect all the photos and mementos you have of him and get rid of them in a creative and satisfying way. Nothing wrong with a little fire every now and then!



Try to take the emotion out of your lovesickness by rationalizing your feelings in your head. The less mystical and magical your feelings toward the person are, the more quickly you will be able to get over them.


Get outside

Don’t underestimate just how beneficial it can be to get out in the great outdoors and surround yourself with nature. There is something really enlightening and refreshing about it.



Get out with your pals and engage in a little innocent flirting with lots of others. You don’t have to go any further, but it can be nice to remind yourself that there are other fish in the sea when you are ready.


Be Patient

Accept that the process is probably going to take longer than you might want, but by employing one, some, or all of the above tips, you will definitely get over the hill at some point.

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