Common Flirting Mistakes to Avoid for Girls Looking for Love ...


Common Flirting Mistakes to Avoid for Girls Looking for Love ...
Common Flirting Mistakes to Avoid for Girls Looking for Love ...

It seems like everyone in the world is a better flirt than me... I mean, while I'm all awkward and anxious, other girls are batting their eyes and making charming conversation (or whatever). I finally started paying more attention to the (very) basics of flirting, and discovered once I started avoiding a few particular things, I was a much more accomplished flirt. Here's what I learned.

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Don't Ignore Body Language

I tend to stand with my arms crossed, which is fine in regular life, but is bad for flirting -- it makes you look defensive. Also try to avoid leaning away from or angling away from the object of your flirtation.


Never Give You up

If you're sweet and fun, don't try to come off as overly sexy. Just be yourself!


Don't Get Heavy

Save the serious conversation for a date, and keep flirting easy and light.


Don't Text TOO Hard to Get

If you're flirting via text, you don't want to text back immediately all the time... but you also don't want to play too hard to get, either.


Don't Talk Meanly about Your Ex

There's no good way to mention your ex whilst flirting - complain or make a mean joke, and it looks like you're bitter or vindictive.


Don't Forget to Smile

I'm sure when I flirt, I look more like a deer in the headlights than a cute girl who's having fun. That said, I am trying to work on my flirt-smile, and maybe you should, too.


Don't do Anything You're Uncomfortable with

If you're flirting in a way you're not comfortable with, that discomfort will come across, and that's just a flirt fail. Again, just be yourself, and do the things in your own wheelhouse.

Follow these tips, and flirting can be - gasp! - fun, for real! Do you have any other flirting protips or no-nos to share?

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Flirt!? How is this done? I'll just be my self and look silly ha ha like it or lump it matey!! X


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