Learn How to Talk Dirty 😘 in Different Languages 🗯 ...


Your looks aren't the only thing that can get a man going in the bedroom. Your words can be just as sexy. Of course, if you feel awkward complimenting him in English, then you can do so in another beautiful language. Here are a few different ways to talk dirty in different languages, like French, German, Italian, and Spanish:

1. J’ai Envie De Toi

J’ai Envie De Toi

This is French for, "I want you." This will make your feelings pretty clear.

On Va Chez Toi Ou Chez Moi?


You probably say "ich möchte dich schmecken" coz "euch" is plural. Buuut it sounds kinda weird... better stick with the english version 😂
#13 means you "make me excited" more than "you turn me on".
Cherryrose Blanco Pontawe
How to talk dirty in kapampangan
@courtney hahahahaha giiirrrllll that made me laugh! I thought so too!
"Je veux te lécher des hanches jusqu'aux pieds" sounds really weird in French.. I've never heard it, and talking about "pieds" isn't really atractive! :)
These phrases are flirty and suggestive, but not what I would call dirty
What you wrote in German is not 100% correct
Very romantic if the guy speaks the language... I speak German and Spanish and think it would be awkward to use these if my husband didn't understand either :P
lostforlove2234 you're translation...prea vulgarā :)
My resolution is to learn a new language. Sexy talk included.
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