Learn How to Talk Dirty in Different Languages ...


Learn How to Talk Dirty in Different Languages ...
Learn How to Talk Dirty in Different Languages ...

Your looks aren't the only thing that can get a man going in the bedroom. Your words can be just as sexy. Of course, if you feel awkward complimenting him in English, then you can do so in another beautiful language. Here are a few different ways to talk dirty in different languages, like French, German, Italian, and Spanish:

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J’ai Envie De Toi

J’ai Envie De Toi This is French for, "I want you." This will make your feelings pretty clear.


On Va Chez Toi Ou Chez Moi?

On Va Chez Toi Ou Chez Moi? This is French for, "Shall we go to my place or to your place?" It's basically a way to ask someone where they want to have sex with you.


Je Veux Te Lécher Des Hanches Jusqu’aux Pieds

Je Veux Te Lécher Des Hanches Jusqu’aux Pieds This is French for, "I want to lick you from your hips to your toes.” Now isn't that sexual?


Gehen Wir Ins Bett

fashion, This is German for, "Let’s go to bed." It'll help you get straight to the point.


Du Hast Einen Schönen Po

Du Hast Einen Schönen Po This is German for, "You have a nice butt." It's a compliment everybody loves to hear.


Ich Möchte Euch Schmecken

Ich Möchte Euch Schmecken This is German for, "I want to taste you." It might mean you want to taste their lips, or you might be referring to a spot a little lower.


Küss Mich

hair, person, image, blond, photography, This is German for, "Kiss me." This is a simple but sweet one.


Mi Piace Il Tuo Appartamento

Mi Piace Il Tuo Appartamento This is Italian for, "I like your apartment." After all, you have to say something as soon as you walk through his door.



Spogliati This is Italian for, "Take your clothes off." Don't be afraid to order your man around.


Sometimes, changing the language can spice up your bedroom antics, offering an exotic twist to the usual routine. When you whisper spogliati in his ear with that seductive emphasis on the crisp Italian syllables, it's more than just a command; it's an invitation to a sensual dance. It's about setting the stage for a night where barriers are shed just as easily as clothing. Channel your inner siren with those sultry sounds and watch the temperature in the room rise. And remember, it’s all in the attitude, so own those words like you own the room.



Spogliami This is Italian for, "Take my clothes off." He won't hesitate to do as you say.


Facciamo L'amore

hair, face, photography, beauty, blond, This is Italian for, "Let's make love." There's no better way to tell him what you want.


Il Tuo Corpo È Bellissimo

Il Tuo Corpo È Bellissimo This is Italian for, "Your body is hot." He deserves to know how attractive he is.


Mi Fai Eccitare

Mi Fai Eccitare This is Italian for, "You turn me on." This should convince him to let you into his bedroom.



Bésame This is Spanish for, "Kiss me." You might as well learn how to say this in as many languages as you can.


Te Quiero En Mi Cama

Te Quiero En Mi Cama This is Spanish for, "I want you in my bed." He'll know exactly what this means.


Besarte Es Como Ver Las Estrellas

Besarte Es Como Ver Las Estrellas This is Spanish for, "To kiss you is like seeing stars." Who says that dirty talk can't be poetic?


Te Deseo

Te Deseo This is Spanish for, "I want you." After you say this, you can tell him exactly what you want him to do.


Tu Ternura Me Encanta

Tu Ternura Me Encanta This is Spanish for, "I love your tenderness." This will reassure him that you love the way he feels.


Papacito Rico

Papacito Rico This is Spanish for, "A very handsome (and hot) guy." After all, if you're going to sleep with someone, you must think that he's hot.

If you're going to talk dirty, you might as well do it in a beautiful language. That way, you'll sound sexier than ever. What's the hottest thing a guy has ever said to you in a language other than English?

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You probably say "ich möchte dich schmecken" coz "euch" is plural. Buuut it sounds kinda weird... better stick with the english version 😂

you coukd say "vreau sa ma fut cu tine" is romanian for "i want to fuck you"

What you wrote in German is not 100% correct

@courtney hahahahaha giiirrrllll that made me laugh! I thought so too!

Actually, it's: "Ich möchte dich schmecken". 'Euch' is 2. pers. Pl.

I thought all of them were very sexy and beautiful. I made some notes, lol.

How to talk dirty in kapampangan

My resolution is to learn a new language. Sexy talk included.

lostforlove2234 you're translation...prea vulgarā :)

Sadly I find it so vain ..

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