17 Things to Talk about when You Don't Know What to Say ...


17 Things to Talk about when You Don't Know What to Say  ...
17 Things to Talk about when You Don't Know What to Say  ...

Have you ever wanted to start a conversation with someone, but didn't have anything to say? Well, you won't ever have that problem again. Here are a few things that you should talk to your crush about when you don't know what to say:

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Work It sounds boring, but ask him how he's doing at work. Even better, ask him what his dream job is. People love to talk about things they're passionate about.



phenomenon, weather, cloud, atmosphere, aurora, This is a cliche one, but it actually works. If it's freezing out, tell him how you can't wait until it's warmer so you can hit the beach.



Pets Is there anything you love more than your pet? That's why it's a great thing to talk about. Your crush will love to brag about his puppy or kitten. He might even send you pictures!


Video Games

Video Games If you like video games, then ask him which games he likes to play. You might be able to go on an hour long rant together about the new Final Fantasy.



Hobbies If you have a hobby in common, talk about it! It'll form a bond between the two of you.



Celebs There's always some juicy celebrity news that you can talk to him about. Ask him if he heard about the ridiculous name that some celeb just named their baby. Then you can make fun of them together.


Tv Shows

Tv Shows Ask him if he's a fan of your favorite show. If he's never seen it before, then you can ask him over to watch it with you on Netflix.



Hair He probably won't care about your hair. However, if you tell him that you just got it cut, he might give you a cute compliment.



Food Everybody loves food. If you've found a hot new restaurant, tell him about how amazing the meals are. Then you can ask him to go there with you.



Friends If your life is boring, then feel free to talk about your friend's exciting life. It'll be something to talk about.



Childhood You probably have some pretty funny childhood stories locked away. If you don't have anything else to talk about, find a way to incorporate those stories into the conversation.



Music If you tell him about an amazing band, he'll be forever thankful. We all love to hear new music.



Throwbacks If you two had a fun time together, bring up the memory. It'll remind him of how much he loves spending time with you.



white, black and white, finger, arm, hand, If you want a tattoo, tell him all about the design you're planning on getting. If he has tattoos, ask him about the meaning behind them.



Websites If you find a website worth talking about, send him a link to it. If it entertains him, he'll be impressed.


News Stories

text, font, advertising, BREAK, INC, It can be dangerous to talk about politics, but if you're both history majors, you might want to get into a little debate.


Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves People love to talk about the things that they hate. So if there's someone or something that you two can't stand, don't forget to bring it up in conversation so you can rant together.

There's always something to talk about, so there's no reason for you to end a conversation with your crush when you're still in the mood to chat. What do you usually talk to your crush about?

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I agree serene

Omg this totally happen to me the other day when I was talking to my bf. If I had known I should had read this post instead of me hanging up and making up a lame excuse.... OOPS 😩🤔

I think the title should read: "When you don't know what to say to your crush"!

I like a boy and I asked him out AND HE SAID YES 😍😍😍😍

These are all great conversation starters if you don't know how to start the conversation or are shy thanks

The weather esp in good old Blighty where the weather is as unpredictable as the weather!!! Hehehe

Omg that's amazing!


Endergiirl did u start ur conversation with any one of this topics b4 adking out? 🤔

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