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7 Important Things to Consider when It Comes to Giving Second Chances ...

By Lucy

Have you ever been stuck wondering if you should give your ex a second chance? I have, so I know how difficult the decision can be! That’s why it’s super important to consider a few important things before you decide anything, so keep reading to find these out! 💑 ❓❔

P.S obviously everyone will be in a slightly different position depending on what might have happened with this person in the past, so this list is about general things you should consider! ❤️ 💕 💖

1 Is It Worth It?

This is a super important question to ask yourself. Is it worth giving this person a second chance? Is it worth agreeing to do this and then seeing where it goes? Or is it simply not worth even going there? After all, some things just aren’t worth our time…so consider if this is likely to be worth yours.

2 How do You Feel about It?

You should also consider how you feel about it. When you think about the idea of giving this person a second chance, are you excited and somewhat happy? Or does it make you feel more nervous, scared or anxious? This can also help you predict if giving him a second chance is going to be worthwhile or just not a good idea at all.

3 Did Previous Issues Get Resolved?

So I’m guessing you faced some problems and/or issues when you were together and in each other’s lives, right? Did those ever get resolved or was it left completely unresolved and open-ended? If it’s the latter, you can pretty much bet that those problems will make themselves known again, if you do decide to give him a second chance. Sure, maybe not at first, but things like this have a way of resurfacing just when you’re trying to get things back on track.

4 How Did It End Previously?

This might not be easy for everyone to think about, especially if feelings were hurt and/or you were left broken-hearted. I can tell you from personal experience that I’ve been there and it’s not as easy as it sounds. Even so, it’s important to remember exactly how it ended previously. Did they walk out on you or did they stay and try to resolve things with you before walking away? Did they leave you to pick up the pieces on your own or did they try to end it on good terms?

This will tell you a lot about their flight-or-fight response and is usually a telling sign of what they will do in the future if things don’t work out, should you decide to give him a second chance.

5 Can You Trust Him?

This is a super important thing to consider also. Personally, I’ve been in a very confusing position where I trusted him for a while, then didn’t trust him at all, then half-trusted him and eventually didn’t even know I trusted him or not! I completely understand the struggle when it comes to this question. Do you trust this person to take care of you? Do you trust them to support you and be there when you need them? Do you trust that they have your best interests at heart?

6 What Are His Reasons?

Okay, so I’m assuming he’s gotten back in touch with you and has given you at least one reason why he wants a second chance and/or to come back into your life. Do you think his reason is fair and reasonable? Does it sound genuine and like something that rings true to your knowledge of this person? Or does it sound like an excuse, one that doesn’t have much backbone so much like he could’ve made it up on the spot?

7 Will He Fit Back into Your Life?

So let’s say hypothetically that you did decide to give this person a second chance…is there room for him in your life? I’m sure your life is at least a little bit different to how it was the last time you were involved with this person, right?

Maybe things were different back then and you had more free time, you hadn’t met anyone else or you were in a position where you were able to commit to someone and be in a relationship. Is that still the case or are things different for you now?

Of course no one is saying you have to get back with this person in a romantic sense, but even just trying to bring someone back into your life with whom you share history with can be more difficult than it might sound. Is he someone you would be willing to make room for in your life or is it not all that possible?

I hope these questions to ask yourself helped you out while deciding whether or not to give him a second chance! Do you agree with my list of questions or do you have a few of your own to add to the list? 😊 ❤️

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