4 Important Life Lessons Heartbreak Teaches Us ...


4 Important Life Lessons Heartbreak Teaches Us ...
4 Important Life Lessons Heartbreak Teaches Us ...

There are so many lessons heartbreak teaches us. It's easy to get caught up in your feelings instead of focusing on how to go forward, but trying to get something from the experience is the way to go. The lessons we learn from heartache can be useful as you go into another relationship. So take this advice to heart and learn everything you can from your heartache.

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Remember the first few months of your relationship, when the only person you wanted to see and spend time together was him? When you told your friends you have no time, you'll call them later? After a breakup you will realize how grateful you will be to have your friends. They will listen to you over and over again about how he broke your heart. They will force you to go out and do stuff, even if you feel like dying. And they will succeed in making you laugh again.


THAT HAPPINESS COMES from within and NOT through OTHERS

Don't get me wrong. Making people happy is a brilliant thing. But when you are in love you tend to put your own happiness aside, because the only thing you care for is that your other half is happy. Now that the relationship is over you find yourself lost because you've neglected your own needs. Don't let that happen any more. You will see that the right guy will come along as soon as you just do your thing. Happiness attracts people, it makes you shine. Love yourself and be happy and the rest will fall into place.



Falling out of love, being rejected and left, hurts. This will probably never change, but what can change is how much of an impact it has to have on you. You alone are in charge of your feelings. So you always have a choice! You can either feel sorry for yourself or you can pull yourself together and get on with things. Of course, you will feel miserable the first few weeks. That's normal, but it's up to you if you'll spend weeks in bed crying or just a few days. This sounds easy, but everyone knows that it's not. The truth is, that the more relationships you go through, the more you will learn to let go of people who don't value who you are.



This might not sound very comforting, but it's a good thing to learn that you don't always get the things you want. Learning that you can't make people like you, love you, or stay with you is important because life just doesn't work that way. The sooner you accept this, the better. The person who truly loves you will stay. There won't be any chasing or game playing. Never chase people or love. The people who are meant to stay in your life will stay.

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