7 Indoor Couple's Activities for when a Rainy Day Won't Go Away ...


7 Indoor Couple's Activities for when a Rainy Day Won't Go Away ...
7 Indoor Couple's Activities for when a Rainy Day Won't Go Away ...

I usually love a good rainy day because it’s lovely to have an excuse to sit at home and do nothing. For those days when you feel exceptionally bored and need some fun new things to introduce your man to doing with you, here is a list with some interesting ideas to get the ball rolling! See below for my favorite couple;s activities for rainy days!

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Buy an Ice Cream Maker

Nothing tastes yummier than homemade ice cream! Using an ice cream machine is fun and you can go wild with flavors and toppings! Make your own little ice cream bar and see what crazy delicious combos you can come up with.


Make a Marshmallow Gun

There are tutorials all over YouTube and Pinterest for using PVC pipe to make your own marshmallow gun! Have a “war” and keep score of who gets the most hits. The winner gets to choose the next activity or say, what to have for dinner!


Go Crazy on YouTube

You can get lost and spend hours browsing YouTube watching funny videos! Make a batch of popcorn or grab a bag of Cheetos and get ready to enjoy some belly laughs together. Ask for recommendations from family or friends or social media on hilarious videos to watch!


Play Some Board Games

There really aren’t too many board games that are fun for just two people, but here is where you can have some friends over and really have fun going old school with the games! If you’d like to keep it to just you and your man, a fun game for two is Battleship. There’s always Strip Poker too….


Take a Nap

Don’t underestimate the power of a rainy day to offer the best naps ever. Crack a window, grab a soft blanket, and cuddle up with your man! This is still one of my favorite couple's activities for a rainy day ever. The sound of the rain gently falling and the scent of the wet earth makes it so easy to fall asleep in your man’s arms!

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Visit an Arcade

If you’re sick of looking at your four walls, make a trip out! Hit up your local mall or any arcade center and have fun playing the games and acting like kids again! Take plenty of change, and challenge each other for the high scores.


Brave the Rain to Splash in the Puddles

I know, the title says “indoor activities”. But I can’t help but add this one to the list! Taking a stroll on a rainy day with rubber boots and a cute umbrella makes for some great conversation. As long as there is no lightening and it’s not a downpour, you may actually quite enjoy yourself! Don't be afraid to splash in a few puddles and get wet! If you have a waterproof phone case, you can get some really unique and instagram-worthy photos and selfies too.

Rainy days can get boring pretty quickly, especially if you live in a place where it rains a lot! If you have any tried-and-true couple’s activities for a rainy day, please share your ideas below! It’s fun to try new things, you know sometimes we fall into a rut and do the same things over and over. Being a couch potato is nice, but sometime ya just gotta shake it up! Thanks for reading today!

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These are all pretty whack

We moved to Savannah,GA over a year ago and it rains a lot. Last night we watched funny movies and made rice Krispy treats. My husband and I that is.

Really 😒.... I would go with sex

okay i have to say this... sex?

What about bingeing shows on Netflix?

We do puzzles and play COD. Drink warm beverages and watch old movies from the 30s-60s.

I don't think braving the rain is an indoor activity 😂

Where I live it rains tons, so we've learnt to just go on with it and now it doesn't affect us. But I do love the nap suggestion, when it's pouring outside and cold, its so lovely to crawl in a nice warm bed (especially after a bath or shower, and especially with a nice man haha) and just drift away to cozy sleep. Definitely my favorite time to nap :)

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