Is Your Relationship Heading to Marriage ?


Is Your Relationship Heading  to Marriage ?
Is Your Relationship Heading  to Marriage ?

Are you asking yourself, is your relationship heading to marriage? After you have been in a long-term, loving relationship for a long time, it is human nature to start to have thoughts about what the future might hold for you and your partner as a pair. It can be a tricky situation, because you don’t want to mess up or ruin the great thing that you have going right now in the moment, but at the same time, it makes perfect sense to want to look forward and figure out what your next steps might be. Of course, the end goal for many people is marriage, but how can you know when the time is right? Luckily, there are some classic signs that tell you a wedding might be just around the corner. Here is the answer for is your relationship heading to marriage?

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Weekends Together

When you live with someone full time, it’s often likely that you will want to spend your weekends with your friends or some family member, catching up with them to keep a nice balance in your life between your partner and your peers. However, when you find that you would rather spend seven days a week with him and don’t see the weekend as your chance to ‘get away’, then you can be confident that wedding bells are tolling off in the distance!


Future Talk

You can be sure that marriage is on the cards when he is not afraid to talk about your relationship in serious future terms. He might not be popping the question in the next week or so, but the fact that he talks about you and includes you in very far off plans and possibilities in his life means that he intends to have you there with him forever.


High Romance

If the romance still hasn’t dwindled out of your relationship even though it can now definitely be classed as long term, then that’s a good sign that he is trying to keep you as happy as possible in order to pop the question sometime soon. Be aware of things like flower gifts, home-cooked surprise meals and, of course, the suggestion of a romantic trip away somewhere where anything could happen!


Inner Circle

You know that marriage isn’t too far away when you have been completely integrated and introduced into his inner circle. You know all of his friends, of course you know his parents, but you also know all of his extended family too. At this point, you are basically a member of that family yourself!


Paying for Dates

It might not be as fashionable as it used to be, but if he is still paying for all of your dates then that is a sign that he sees himself as definitely being in it for the long haul. It might not be attractive to imagine yourself as an ‘asset’, but let’s be real, a guy isn’t going to spend a lot of money on someone who is only seen as temporary!

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