7 Tips on How to Get through a Break up ...


7 Tips on How to Get through a Break up ...
7 Tips on How to Get through a Break up ...

How to Get through a Break Up is a problem everyone has had at one time or another. Knowing how to get through a break up largely depends on the individual, because everyone gets over things differently. However, there are a number of tips that are universally helpful, and those are the ones I'm focusing on today. Break ups are hard even when they're amicable and you stay friends with your ex; when you're still in love with the person, they're even harder. Learning how to cope with not having your partner in your life romantically takes a lot of transition, but these full proof tips on how to get through a break up will definitely help you.

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Reach out

The best tip on how to get through a break up is to reach out and talk to the people who love you. Your friends and family want to be there for you, so let them. You're not going to bore them or get on their nerves. When you need to talk and you need to be with something, let your loved ones in.


Learn to Be Alone

That sounds depressing, but I don't mean that in a Forever Alone sense. What I mean is you need to learn that you don't need to be part of a couple to have fun. Quite often, fear of being alone makes your post break up feelings even worse. So, go to the movies or out to eat by yourself; learn how to enjoy your own company.


Distract Yourself

You definitely do not want to sit around dwelling on what just happened. Not only will you obsessive over the break up itself, but you'll end up reliving every moment you shared with your ex. Whether you choose to exercise, read, redecorate, paint one of your rooms, or get a pet, keep yourself distracted, especially for the first few weeks. Just don't give yourself a lot of time to think about what just happened. Learning how to keep your mind occupied is essential in learning how to get through a break up.


Go out of Town

You shouldn't run away from your problems, but often, a change of scenery will do you good. Visit some friends out of town, or go explore a new place you've always wanted to see. Odds are good that you'll come back feeling renewed.



A crucial tip on how to get through a break up is to vent. You can right it down in a journal, type it up on a blog, cry it out in a vlog, or talk to your friends and close family members. However, you have to get your feelings out, or else you'll wind up feeling bitter and emotionally constipated.


Trying Something New

By occupying your mind with something new, you have less time to dwell on your past relationship and the emotions caused by the break up. It's a great time to take up something you've always wanted to try. Maybe you want to learn a new sport or a new activity, perhaps you'd like to take a few classes. By improving yourself and your life, the sting of the break up will fade exponentially.


Nurture Yourself

No matter what, you need to take care of yourself. Do the things that make you happy, indulge yourself, and nurture yourself and your emotions. This, too, will make you feel rejuvenated and brand new.

Learning how to get through a break up actually is a learning process. I won't say it necessarily gets easier with time, because your tenth break up can be as painful as your first. However, learning the right coping methods helps you better understand how to get through a break up more smoothly – and grieving is okay. Do you have any other helpful hints on how to get through a break up?

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I want the "get a pet" thingy. pets are good stress reliever. I'll count out fishes for that, especially the stable/not-moving ones. out of boredom, you might still think of your ex while staring at your fish. if you find it useless, you may fry it. hat will no add o your fats especially now that you're depressed =)

Sometimes the method for getting over a breakup depends on how you broke up and who initiated it. My last boyfriend cheated on me with a now-former friend of mine. I suspected something wasn't right and confronted him, and that's when he broke up with me. I got over it by working out at the gym, imagining myself kicking him in the balls and beating her to a pulp with a baseball bat (and I'm a non-violent person that would never actually do such a thing to anybody, no matter how deserving they are.) Not only did I work out my anger and my pain, I also lost 30 lbs (and I now weigh less than the skank he left me for.)

this is really a perfect article

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