8 Lessons We Can Learn from past Relationships ...


8 Lessons We Can Learn from past Relationships ...
8 Lessons We Can Learn from past Relationships ...

I haven't been in a ton of relationships, but the ones that I have been in, I've always looked for lessons to learn from past relationships. Learning lessons from past relationships can be easy, if you actually take the lessons to heart. Below, I've got the top 8 lessons to learn from past relationships that can really help your future relationships, if you let them!

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Communication is Key

I think that the most popular lesson to learn from past relationships is all about communication and how key it is. If you constantly had misunderstandings with your ex and constantly had to evaluate your communication skills, it might be a good lesson to learn for your future relationship. After all, you don't want to repeat the same mistakes right?


Respect is Needed

Another popular lesson to learn from past relationships is all about respect. You have to respect your partner and your partner has to respect you. If you had a lot of problems in the past with respect from your partner or respecting your partner, it might be good to ditch those bad habits and replace them with new ones.


Similar Morals and Backgrounds Help

While it is of course not necessary to date an exact clone of you, it does make it easier to know you are on the same page as far as morals and backgrounds. One of the lessons to learn from past relationships that I learned was that having the same plans for the future and the same family ties is important – otherwise you might never be on the same page as your partner!


Learn to Let Things Go

This was definitely the hardest lesson to learn from past relationships. I still have some problems letting things go, but I have learned a lot and compare a lot to my past relationships. Do you have a hard time letting go?


You Can't Force Someone to Act a Particular Way

When you are in a relationship, one of the biggest lessons that I've learned is that you can't force someone to act the way that you want them to. Do you want your boyfriend to act nice to your parents when in private he's a jerk? It's most likely not going to happen. Trust me ladies.


Relationships Are a Shared Effort

Relationships are not something that can be shouldered alone. It has to be a joint effort between both of you to really make it work. Ladies, this is absolutely one of the lessons to learn from past relationships. After all, who would want to shoulder an entire relationship by themselves?


You Can't Change Others

This tip actually goes hand-in-hand with #5. Not only can you not force someone to do something, but you actually can't change them either. Ladies, the quicker that you learn this tip, the better. After all, you don't want to waste your time with someone that you are constantly trying to change but can't right?


Back off in Particular Situations

Finally, the last lesson to learn from past relationships is to back off when the situation calls for it. For me, it's when my partner is so upset, we can't even talk without yelling. That is a time when both of us need a break and need to talk again when we've both calmed down.

There you have it ladies, all of my lessons to learn from past relationships that you can actually apply to your current relationship. What other lessons to learn from past relationships have you learned? Give 'em up!

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Totally, love this. Although what do you mean about number three. What ever happened to opposites attract? (Because that's certainly the case with me. :)

Totally agree with these! I finally found the one after learning from multiple relationships that had these problems.


This is all so true. I do believe opposites attract when people are open to differences, and willing to possibly add differences to their life, if not that, then at least be open to adventure. When relationships lack that kind of understanding it does stagnate the relationship. And yes, similar morals and backgrounds help.

Well for example, a long time ago I tried dating an atheist and liberal democrat while I am a Christian and conservative republican. Yeah.... That didn't go so well we could never talk about things that actually meant a lot to us and so the relationship could never go anywhere. Now I'm married to an amazing someone with core values like mine and it's easier to share my opinions with him. It makes gettin along easier too

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