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This time of year, as Valentine's Day approaches, it's common for couples to be inspired by quotes about love and relationships. I know some view Valentine's Day as cheesy and commercialized, which it certainly can be however, it's also a day set aside to celebrate the most important thing on earth: love! Love comes in all forms and if you happen to be single on this special day, then take it as an opportunity to celebrate the love you share between your family and friends. After all, not all love is romantic love and most holidays are celebrated uniquely by each person anyway! Read below for some memorable quotes about love and relationships that are sure to stick with you.

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Donald Miller

Donald Miller This is one of those quotes about love and relationships that we need to hear constantly! Often times our expectations of people, especially significant others, can be distorted into an image of who we want them to be instead of who they really are. A distorted image leads to unrealistic expectations of perfection - a standard that no one can possibly live up to! It's freeing to know that once you let go of those expectations of others to be perfect, you can appreciate people for who they are in their uniqueness and even grow to like those "imperfections."



Unknown True and lasting love, whether it's romantic or friendship related, is measured by depth. Physical touch is of course important - as humans we are wired for the desire and outright need to be touched, hugged, kissed and loved on. However, relationships that are designed to last have moments of vulnerability, build trust, and show your true colors for the other person to clearly see. There is no pretense of care in a relationship surrounded by love.


Diane Arbus

Diane Arbus Isn't that the truth? I love this quote because of how simple yet totally true it is! I believe a relationship that's full of love means constant understanding of each other's needs yet an authentic depth that inevitably leads to occasional misunderstandings, aka "arguments". If a romantic couple or two close friends never fight, then there's an issue of not being real with one another! Of course, fighting too often isn't healthy either which is why there needs to be a good balance.


Robert Heinlein

Robert Heinlein Those of you who have been in love or have close friends or even children, know the feeling of empathy well. If your significant other isn't happy, you won't be fully happy. If you're friend is going through a rough patch, it's easy to feel her pain, too. Love is peculiar in this way because of its nature, you become selfless by putting your loved one's happiness above your own. This is a wonderful attribute to have so if you feel this way, don't believe that you are being too sensitive or emotional because you're really just being a truly loving person!


Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison Love, love, love this quote. I'm sure immediately after reading this, you can think of those friends who it applies to. I have a couple friends who I feel this way with - not necessarily because of how long we've known each other but because of the trust that has been established. There's an element of letting your guard down and stripping away any need to impress or to be someone you're not. Those are the friends worth keeping around because they know the real you and are still standing by your side.


Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe Close your eyes and picture what it means to cultivate. What do you see? I immediately think of preparation, specifically for sowing soil for crops. The time and effort it takes to till the soil, pluck out the weeds, fertilize and water the ground so that it's full of nutrients, is a process not worth rushing. The same is true for love. It's not dominating or controlling, but tender and understanding and requires time to cultivate depth.


Gilbert K. Chesterton

Gilbert K. Chesterton This quote resonates well within the culture we live in. So often relationships, particularly the bond within marriage, are tossed aside when things get hard. To love the unloveable means to maintain the commitment to stay with the other person; to forgive when it's hard and to continue to love even in the midst of unloveable moments. I am in no way advocating for people to stay in relationships that are abusive, emotionally and physically, and downright hopeless - I am advocating however, for us all to love when it's hard because loving only when it's easy brings no real reward!

I hope these quotes left you inspired to really appreciate those you love in your life! Do you have any favorite love or relationship quotes you would be willing to share?

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