7 Fab Love Tips for a New Relationship ...


If you're in a new relationship and are looking for tips for a new relationship that actually make sense and work, you've come to the right place! Girls, new relationships are so hard to figure out! You've got this person, that you like (maybe love!) and don't know exactly how to act around. Well, my tips for a new relationship should help coast you through all of the crap of a new relationship and into the lovey-dovey stuff!

1. Don't Overstep Boundaries

The very first of my top 7 tips for a new relationship all boils down to overstepping boundaries. If you are constantly stepping over his boundaries that he's laid and you are constantly crossing the line with comments or even with too much PDA, that's a problem. Remember, this is something that you should be discussing right up front girls!

Don't Smother


Heather Jensen
Best advice ever!
give the best of you, but do not give ALL of you.
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