8 Naughty Apps You Should Test This Weekend ...


8 Naughty Apps You Should Test This Weekend ...
8 Naughty Apps You Should Test This Weekend ...

If you're looking for a way to spice up your love life this year, naughty apps are the answer! A surge in smartphone users of all ages and personalities has lead to an app market that can cater to almost any need, including providing a fun (and sexy) way to spend an evening or weekend. Available across Android, Windows and Apple products, and costing between nothing and $3, here’s the naughty apps you need to check out…

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Truth or Dare…

The Extreme Dare version of Dirty Truth or Dare is full of sexy dares and teasing questions that are sure to get your pulse racing. While some of the truth questions seem slightly out of place – such as talking about your favorite food – the dares in these naughty apps are very well written: “Put on a blindfold and flip a coin three times. Every time it comes up heads, take a piece of clothing off.”


Beyond the initial shock factor, Extreme Dare Dirty Truth or Dare aims to deepen connections with its mix of risqué and thought-provoking prompts, ensuring that players learn more about each other's boundaries and desires. Whether you're in a fresh relationship or reigniting the flame in a long-term partnership, the app offers a spicy platform to express hidden fantasies. Some dares even encourage playful teasing outside the comfort of your home, like sending a risqué text or wearing something tantalizing with the thrill of an underlying secret between just the two of you.


Sexy Dice…without Having to Hide Them…

Sexy dice always make an appearance in sex features. Despite their simple nature, they work very well – and they don’t tend to be expensive, either. The problem? Having to find somewhere to keep them together, without them being found. This Durex game solves the problem, by letting you play with downloaded dice. Choose a game from the four categories ranging from “romantic” to “sexual” and “kinky,” and role the dice. There’s a link for instructions for every answer, and even recommended products. Ace.



I wasn’t too sure on this one, but it’s been a big hit online! Sexometer works very similar to those apps that track your sleep. You hide your phone on the bed whilst you get busy, and it’ll assess your performance based on sounds, movements and length. It rates you, offering helpful hints, and gives you somewhere to rate the performance yourself, keep notes and record the location. If you pay to upgrade, you can even post your “Scores” to Facebook. But please don’t.


Have You Ever…

Ever played the drinking game “Have you ever”? This is a raunchier version, for couples. Choose a question category, and you’ll be asked if you’ve ever done something such as had sex in an elevator, or slept with someone you didn’t know the name of. You swap the phone between questions. It’s a great way to relive sexy past experiences together, and some of the questions are hilarious. The reviews for this app speak for themselves – if you are open about hearing your partner's sexual past, this is a great way to learn more about what they’ve done, what they like and what they’d like to try.



There is a variety of kama sutra type apps across all the app stores, but this is definitely the best. The light version includes 30 positions, all illustrated with pencil images. The red and gold color scheme gives it a romantic feel, and there’s instructions to help you get into the right positions. You can mark positions as done to help you keep track of what you’ve tried, and mark out your favorites, too. There’s even a to-do list. Work your way up from Novice to Grand Master, and then download the $1 version for 110 new moves.


Sex Coupons…

Sex coupons are another regularly recommended move – but one that most people never get round to. Who has time to print pretty coupons and write special messages on them – and what on earth do you do with them after?! This app lets you send a variety of romantic and sexy messages to your partner's phone or email, and all are written on a sexy red satin background. You can keep store of them on your phone, and they are great for sending a cheeky text when he’s out and about…


Sex coupons are a great way to spice up your relationship and add a little fun and excitement. They can be used to show your partner that you care and appreciate them, while also being a great way to surprise them with something special.

The idea of sex coupons is that you can buy or make your own coupons and give them to your partner as a special gift. These coupons can be printed out or handwritten, and can be used to give your partner something special such as a massage, a romantic dinner, a night out, or even a weekend away.

This app takes the concept of sex coupons to the next level. Instead of having to print out and hand-write coupons, you can now send your partner sexy messages through their phone or email. The messages are written on a sexy red satin background and can be kept track of on your phone. This app is great for sending a cheeky message when your partner is out and about.

In addition to being a fun way to spice up your relationship, sex coupons can also be used to show your partner that you care and appreciate them. They can be used to surprise your partner with something special, or to simply show that you care.


1001 Sex Facts…

This is the ultimate sex trivia app. There’s reviewers on the app store who credit this app with restarting their sex lives – and then some who find it bizarrely fascinating but not at all sexual. Some facts, such as that people who chew ice have higher sex drives or that over 48% of people have faked an orgasm, could spur sexy conversations or investigations. Others – like the French president who died during sex and whose penis had to be surgically removed from his lover – are utterly bizarre. And maybe fake. Who knows?


Kissing Test…

This app is the absolute best for breaking the ice and introducing sexy apps into your bedroom. Simply choose your gender, and pucker up to the lips on the screen. Your kiss is rated, and you get a title such as “irresistible” or “playful.” It’s super competitive, and oh-so-easy to jump from kissing your phone to kissing your date…

The number of naughty apps is sure to continue to soar – and soon enough, there’ll be a whole variety of games and apps that will add a new element to your bedroom fun. There’s even a $40 sex game for the iPad! Would you use a naughty app in the bedroom? Have you tried one? I’d love to hear what you think!

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It's missing the sex talk app iPassion - you should really add that - it has better ratings than the ones on this list :)

Is the app called sexomeater

Always worth trying out , I mean what's the worst that can happen you just say okay let's do it the regular way and go old fashion on her. that's what Id do

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Haven't!...but good ideas to try:)

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