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Sexy things to try with your man can range from something sweet and tender to something hot and steamy! It's good to try new things and make little gestures to keep the romance and the love alive between the two of you! I have 10 of top sexy things to try out with your man just in case you've been looking for a few ways to light the fires-or feed them! No matter which side of the tracks your on, this article will feed and fuel the sparks that fly between you and your lover. Read on for 10 sexy things to try with your man!

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Sleep on Satin

One of my top favorite sexy things to try with your man is sleeping on satin sheets! Satin sheets not only reduce friction on your skin and keep wrinkles at bay, but they simply feel so amazing to sleep on! Pick up a set in a passionate color and throw them on your bed for a luxurious night to spend with your man.


Pick up Some Shea Butter Soap

Why not give it a whirl in the shower? Pick up a soap made from shea butter and stash it away for such an occasion. Your skin will reap the benefits! Use a loofah to wash each others backs off for extra smooth sensations.


Try out Bath Oils

If you have access to a jacuzzi or even just a regular old tub, whip up a sexy bath for you and your man to enjoy! You can add a few drops of jasmine or peppermint oil to heighten your senses and soften your skin. A few candles and some bubbly will seal the deal!


Pick up Some Cashmere

One of the most relaxing and sexy things to try with your man is to slip into some cashmere pajamas! Wouldn't you agree that seeing each other in nice pajamas is much better than those baggy sweats you both own? Ad cashmere feels amazing on your skin, so when you feel great, you will be a good mood!


Have Brunch Together

Instead of rushing off in the mornings, spend a few minutes together cuddling in bed and enjoying breakfast or brunch. Here's one the most sexy things you can try with your man. Take half of a grape, and apply a dollop of honey to it. Now use it to exfoliate each others lips for some soft, kissable skin to enjoy later!


Read Aloud

You might be surprised at how enjoyable it can be to read aloud to each other! Choose something you both enjoy, whether it be poetry or red-hot reads. A few chapters each night before bed can be soothing, bonding and relaxing.


Try THESE Candles

Next time you go to the store, pick up a few massaging candles. As the candle burns, the wax melts into massaging oil that really feels great if you pour it onto your skin. This little trick is one of the most sexy things to try with your man! Take turns giving each other massages for a relaxing evening.


Bring a Snack to Bed

What happened to feeding each other? It's a lost love art! Well, now you can bring it back! Have a tray filled with finger foods and snacks to bring to bed. Fruit, cheese, chocolates and other little things like that will be just the thing to nosh on before bed!


Get Cozy

One of my absolute favorite sexy things to try is this tip: Have a camp-out in your own back yard! Pitch a tent, roast marshmallows and hot dogs, and then snuggle under the stars! If the weather won't allow, then improvise. Set up a "tent" in your own living room and make it work!


Make the Effort

The very best tip I can give you on sexy things to try with your lover is to remember to always make the effort. Do what you need to do in order to keep things spiced up. Leave little notes around for him to find, or wear his favorite outfit just because. If you make the effort, so will he!

These sexy things to try out with your man are tried and true ways that you and him can re-connect or just make your relationship grow stronger! Start out by trying one of these tips per week. Before long, you'll be thinking of sexy things to try without even needing any help! What about our readers? Please comment below if you have any sexy things to try out with your man that you would love to share!

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