6 Funky Date Ideas That Are Totally Unique ...


6 Funky Date Ideas That Are Totally Unique ...
6 Funky Date Ideas That Are Totally Unique ...

Every couple should have some offbeat date ideas to keep things from getting boring. Let’s face it, we’ve all been on lame, forgettable dates that we wished were over sooner. Sometimes we can’t help it, but if you’re ready to break the cycle of the dinner-and-movie combo, check out these fun, offbeat date ideas that are sure to make your date one to remember!

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Go Plant Shopping

plant, flora, leaf, flower, bud, Sure, everyone has gone on that lousy date to the mall where you awkwardly make small talk and wander in and out of stores all day, too self-conscious to buy anything. Plant shops and nurseries are a great alternative because there’s always something to talk about and look at. Lull in the conversation? “Check out that cool cactus over there!” or “Do you think that Venus flytrap could eat my finger?” You can laugh, get to know each other, and go home with a cute plant as a souvenir from your awesome date! This is one of my favorite offbeat date ideas.


Give Back to Your Community

crowd, event, festival, public event, product, A great alternative to shopping or spending money at a restaurant is to spend a day volunteering in your community. Try contacting your local food bank, community garden, nursing home, or animal shelter to see if they can accommodate you and your beau. You can have a fun day together and feel good about the work you’re doing at the same time!


Pick Some Fruit

food, cuisine, buffet, bakery, dish, Have a sweet time harvesting berries and fruits on a gorgeous summer or fall afternoon! Lots of produce is seasonal May-October (depending on where you live), including strawberries, blueberries, peaches, apples, and pumpkins. Harvest some ripe fruit and enjoy a picnic out in the fields. The best part is, you get to go home with a basket full of local goodness after your romantic day together!


Learn a New Sport

dance, performing arts, entertainment, performance, event, No one likes being embarrassed by doing something new in front of a date…but what if it was new to both of you? Try teaming up to tackle a sport or activity new to both of you, like rock-climbing, salsa dancing, or pickleball (yes, it’s a real sport!). Share some laughs at and with each other, help each other off the ground, and overcome your awkwardness together as you try something new and get fit!


Send Each Other on Scavenger Hunts

flower, plant, floristry, flower arranging, public space, Note: this idea requires both of you putting in some time and energy to make it work but it will be totally worth it! If you and your date both love puzzles and competitions, then this is the ultimate date idea for you! Craft a scavenger hunt for each other that sends you and your date all over the city or town where you live. Use inside jokes, likes and dislikes, and random trivia to come up with each step of the puzzle. Whoever finishes their scavenger hunt last has to buy dinner!


Educate Yourselves

girl, conversation, Who says you can’t go on a date and learn at the same time? Check out your local museums, colleges, and universities to find free lectures, classes, and workshops. Show off your smart, sexy side while growing your knowledge of a new topic.

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