Old Fashioned 📻 Dating Habits 💑 We Shouldn't 🚫 Bring Back ...


We love to glorify the olden days, but they weren't as great as we like to think they are. After all, in the past, women weren't treated as equals. Why would you want to go back to that way of thinking? Instead of talking about the old fashioned dating habits that we should resurrect, here are a few old fashioned dating habits we should keep in the past:

1. The Man Always Pays

The Man Always Pays

It's nice to order a fancy dinner without the responsibility of paying. However, do you really want a man to take care of you financially? If you have the money to pay for your own dinner, then you should at least go dutch and split the bill. That way, he'll realize that you're capable of taking care of yourself. Then he'll understand that you don't need him around. You just keep him around, because you like him.

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I like some of the old fashion rules. I do like and most importantly appreciate that my bf pays for dinners, since he does make more money than me. However I do buy him little inexpensive gifts, bake ...
@alka thank you. I'm so tired of hearing "behave this way or your a slut/whore/cheap/basic/whatever other stupid double standard insults". And @zina curtean, its great for you, but not everyone agrees...
i agree
Stalkergirl Ella
I don't get why people complain when a guy wants to pay for the date he invited you out and wanted to treat you what's so wrong about that
@zina curtean both my husband and I made that decision too and it certainly was the best decision ever we both made.
Zina Curtean
Being treated*
Zina Curtean
Sex after marriage is the one of the best decisions I've made in my life. My husband is sooooo thankful that I kept myself for him. Girls, that is so worth it. He followed all the old fashioned rules ...
Indi Sage
I love this article!! Screw the rules. As long as you're happy and in a healthy relationship then you don't need these stupid rules
@Alyx! You go girl! Your comments are always on point!
Or just do whatever you want for a date and don't listen to any "rules". If you want to sleep with someone on the first date, as long as you are safe about it, go for it. Just be sure they want the sa...
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