Once in a Lifetime Experiences to Buy for Your Boyfriend This Holiday Season ...

By Holly

Once in a Lifetime Experiences to Buy for Your Boyfriend This Holiday Season ...

You don't have to stick to buying your boyfriend a watch or a video game for the holidays. You can buy him an entire experience instead. That way, he'll end up having a blast! Here are a few ideas:

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A Gift Card for a Tattoo Parlor

A Gift Card for a Tattoo Parlor If your boyfriend wants more ink, you can buy him a gift card for his favorite tattoo parlor. Then he won't have to pay for the design himself.


Concert Tickets

Concert Tickets He shouldn't go to a concert alone, so make sure you buy two tickets. Then you get to tag along with him!


The Chance to Ride in a Race Car

There are plenty of places that will let you ride in an actual race car. If you have the money and your boyfriend has the guts, buy him this experience.


Lessons to Learn How to Fly

If your man is adventurous, you can buy him flying lessons. Either pay to let someone teach him how to pilot a plane or a helicopter.


Mixology Lessons

You can buy your boyfriend mixology lessons. Then he'll be taught how to mix drinks, so that all of his parties end up being successes.

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Cruise Tickets

Cruise Tickets If you want to take a cruise with him, book tickets. Then you can go on an entire vacation together to escape the cold.


Spa Reservations

Women aren't the only ones who enjoy the spa. Buy him a gift certificate for a massage.


Golf Lessons

Golf Lessons If your man has always wanted to learn how to play golf, buy him lessons. Then he'll be a pro in no time.


A Hot Air Balloon Ride

A Hot Air Balloon Ride This is another gift that will benefit you. After all, he's not going to take the romantic trip on his own.


City Tours

Play the part of tourists for the day by booking a city tour.


Broadway Show Tickets

Broadway Show Tickets Buy him tickets to see a broadway show. If you don't live anywhere near NYC, then buy him tickets for a local play near you.


The Chance to Meet a Celeb

The Chance to Meet a Celeb If you have hundreds of dollars to blow, charitybuzz.com has incredible opportunities. You could buy your man dinner with one of his favorite celebrities.


Tickets to a Magic Show

Tickets to a Magic Show Go to a magic show or a comedy show together. It'll keep you two entertained for hours on end.


Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons If your man has always wanted to learn how to play an instrument, buy him guitar lessons or piano lessons.


Tickets to a Sporting Event

Tickets to a Sporting Event What's his favorite sport? If he's a huge fan of a team, buy him tickets to one of their games.


A One-year Pass to an Amusement Park

A One-year Pass to an Amusement Park If there's an amusement park close to his house, buy him a season pass. That way, he won't have to pay every single time he visits.


Movie Tickets

Movie Tickets If you're low on cash and can't afford any of the other gifts on this list, then buy him movie tickets. They aren't too expensive, but they'll still be incredibly thoughtful.

Experiences can be much better gifts than material items. After all, they'll give your boyfriend a memory that he'll never forget. Which one of these gifts would you love to buy your boyfriend?

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Spa reservation

I suggest experiences to my man but he thinks it's all crap - he's a practical one but I think I could convince him with quite a few of these suggestions 😏

Just bought my love 3 laps in a race car! Thanks so much for the idea!

@Allyfedor There we have this website and it's like an auction for vacations and thing like on this list. I know people how've bought all inclusives for € 5 I'm sure something like that exist were you live as well haha:-)

I'll be saving for this!

My husband would LOVE to drive a race car! They're his favorite! I had no idea, thank you!!

Hahah same, Brittany!

I got mine a flight lesson, can't wait to give it to him!!

I have $2

Heart breaking cause most of these options don't exist in my country at ALL