Outside Factors That'll Make You More Likely to Break up ...


Relationships break up for all kinds of reasons - and some of them come from outside. If any of these factors are present in your relationship, it doesn't always mean the kiss of death - but it could be a problem for you. So you should be wary of these outside factors that make you more likely to break up …

1. Family Hostility or Interference

It's a major problem if his family don't like you, or yours hate him. However loyal he is to you, you're going to get fed up with being treated like an outsider whenever you see his relatives. Some families are even actively hostile and rude to your face. Would you want to bring your children in that kind of atmosphere?

Religious Differences


Im pretty sure that cheaters lead to cheating..
I think not having a job is a a bigger problem than having a job. And if he's really into you he'll gonna find time to be with you. Some people wanna be with you when they found time. But special people gonna find time be with you.
Social networks & a narcissistic ex 😣
#4 & #6 is my situation. It takes a lot of hard work with deal with someone with a demanding job, a child & ex. But believe it or not. He does a great job with juggling it all. Which is what makes him...
This is the reason what makes me stressful all this time... Even I hardly eat anything because of stress
Lacee Pearl
Social networks are a huge thing!!! Leads to cheating which is the end!!
Social networks!
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