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Why Your BF Should Also Be Your BFF ...

By Alison

Many people describe their partner as their best friend. Others believe that you can't be friends with your partner, and that these are two different things. But why shouldn't your boyfriend also be your best friend? Here are some reasons why your BF can also be your best friend …

1 Relationships Last Longer if You like as Well as Love Each Other

You know those articles about couples that have been married for 60 or 70 years? They all say one thing: that they've stayed married all this time because they're friends. And they've hit on a very important part of what makes an enduring relationship - you have to genuinely like each other. Think about it this way: the initial 'falling in love' stage can't last forever, so there has to be something more durable.

2 It's Your Most Intimate Relationship

Emotionally, this is almost certainly your most intimate relationship. You're allowing this person closer than anyone else. So they can also be your best friend, the person who knows you better than anyone, will do anything for you, and is always there for you no matter what.

3 He Loves You Whatever

Your partner can also be your best friend since they love you no matter what happens. They'll love and support you through both good times and bad. Our best friend is someone that loves us unconditionally and doesn't expect us to change. They love us as we are - and because of who we are. That's what we also want from our partner, so why can't it be the same person?

4 You Can Talk about Anything

Your partner can also be your best friend if they're the person you can talk to about anything. No subject is off-limits and they're not fazed by 'girly' topics like periods. In fact, they'll happily go off and buy you tampons and chocolate when you've got your period. Guys like this are a treasure, because they accept the realities of living with a female, and don't expect you to be superhuman.

5 You Can Relax Completely with Him

Are you able to relax completely around your boyfriend, or do you feel that you've always got to look your best when you're with him? If you can chill out and not worry about him seeing you without makeup, or first thing in the morning, you could be on the way to being best friends as well.

6 Your Best Friend 'Gets' You and Knows the Real You

You may class someone as your best friend because they 'get' you and understand the way your mind works. So if your boyfriend understands you, he may also be your best friend. Does he genuinely like you as a person, and are you able to let him into your inner world? Then he's best friend material.

7 You Can Imagine the Future with Him in It

Finally, can you imagine a future with your partner in it? I was once in a relationship with someone I had considered my best friend, and was asked this question. It shocked me when I realised that he was nowhere in my visions of the future. Needless to say, we're no longer together. If you can see your partner in your future, then he could also become your best friend.

Do you think you can have more than one best friend?

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