Sabotaging Actions That Can Wreck Your Relationship ...


Sabotaging Actions That Can Wreck Your Relationship ...
Sabotaging Actions That Can Wreck Your Relationship ...

If you want to spend the rest of your life with your partner, then you need to deal with the relationship issues that arise in a particular way. If you try to take any shortcuts, then you'll both end up unhappy--and might even end up parting ways. No matter how "perfect" your relationship is, you're eventually going to have problems, which is why you need to know the right way to deal with them and the wrong way:

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Don't Refuse to Admit What's Wrong

Herning Fremad, person, profession, speech, religion, When your partner does something to upset you, you need to let them know how you feel. If you pretend that you're not bothered, then they're going to keep doing the hurtful act again and again. Even if they can tell that something's wrong, you still need to speak up. If they ask you what's wrong and you insist that you're "fine," they might never figure out what triggered your pain. The easiest way to ensure that your partner won't hurt you again is by letting them know why you're upset the first time around.


Don't Break up Right Away

facial expression, emotion, demon, film, Are, If you break up with someone the second that an issue pops up, you'll never remain in a relationship. You're eventually going to have issues with anyone you date, so one little fight doesn't mean you two should break up. Once you find someone you're serious about spending your life with, you can't let breaking up cross your mind. You have to find alternative ways to deal with your problems.


Don't Make Automatic Accusations

person, J'accuse, Global, Don't accuse your partner of something until you know all of the facts. If a friend of a friend told you that your boyfriend was flirting with his ex, don't yell at him about being a cheater. Sit him down and ask him if it's true, so he can tell his side of the story, before you flip out on him.


Don't Vent to Your Friends

person, singing, hate, him, Do you want all of your friends to hate your boyfriend? If you vent to them about every little thing that he does wrong, then they aren't going to be a fan of him. Not to mention that complaining to them about your issues won't fix them. You should really be talking to your boyfriend about those problems instead.


Don't Refuse to Take Responsibility

Global Football Academy, black and white, film noir, model, NOFMY, You need to look at your situation from an unbiased point of view. You can't blame your partner for every bad thing that happens to you, and refuse to take any responsibility yourself. You're not actually an angel. You've probably done some things that are just as bad as what your boyfriend has done, so don't pretend that you're innocent.

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Don't Ignore Your Issues

person, hair, eyebrow, facial expression, blond, Some people ignore relationship issues that pop up, hoping that they'll magically go away. Of course, that's not the way that the world works. If you keep ignoring your problems, one day they're all going to blow up in your face. Instead of bottling up your feelings until you can't take it anymore, you should deal with each issue as soon as it arrives.


Don't Cheat

person, hair, nose, profession, skin, If you have an issue in your relationship, then you can't just run to another guy to make you feel better. Cheating is never the answer. If you have the urge to kiss another guy to feel better about yourself, break up with your current partner first.


Don't Focus on the NegatiVes

hair, face, nose, hairstyle, head, Sure, there's always going to be things wrong in your relationship; but if you only focus on negatives and never think of the positives, you're going to destroy your relationship. So swap those thoughts that your partner is lazy and worthless for thoughts that they're loving and occasionally forgetful of tasks.


Don't Take Things Too Personal

, If you feel your partner is always out to make you feel bad, you can't take a joke but always dish them out, and just all around feel they're trying to destroy you--you're going to destroy your relationship. Instead of demonizing your partner, start taking things at face value and realizing you may be too sensitive.


Don't Put Your Relationship Last

black and white, darkness, monochrome photography, monochrome, film noir, It's never okay to make your partner your one and only priority, but if you're putting all your friendships and other relationships and responsibilities ahead of your relationship with your partner, you're doomed to fail. While it's healthy to have outside relationships, it's not healthy to never make your partner important.

If you want to stay with your partner forever and ever, then you need to deal with your issues in a healthy way. How do you typically deal with relationship problems that pop up?

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I'm guilty of 1-4. This helps open my eyes up some, I love my boo bear and I don't want to push him away.

Good advice. I don't vent out to friends it is useless. Then I might as well break up with him instead of bad mouthing him.

I'm guilty of almost all of these 😩

Excellent advices, I have been following for 18 years of marriage now.

@Annakat123 yeah girl! If he wants you hëll text first, don't seem to willing. And sometimes if he texts you say that you're busy, and that'll show if he cares.

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year and I feel like he doesn't want me as much as he used to. I always text him first, also. He responds every time but should I try to let him text me first?

I've been ghosted once again and it sucks. The guy I've been talking to made me feel special in every way. This past weekend we hung out, had a great time. I haven't heard from him since then. What should I do??

@peony I agree

Message me

Time to talk to him

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