11 Pet Names to Call Your Significant Other ...


There are tons of different pet names for your significant other. You don't always have to call them by their name, or stick to using one and only one nickname. There are so many sweet things to call each other that the ideas should never end. Of course, if you want a concrete list of possibilities, here are some cute pet names for your significant other.

1. Baby

You either love this nickname or hate it. Of course, you're not restricted to using the word by itself. You can always add on to it if you feel the need. There are tons of pet names for your significant other that begin with โ€˜baby.' Thereโ€™s 'baby doll,' 'baby face,' and even 'baby boy.' Stick to whatever sounds best to you.



Inside Cat
I call my bf 'lovie' or 'my love' he calls me 'sweet' or 'sweetheart'
Used Boo, BooBaby, Baby cakes, Pookie, Baby & ML (my love)♥💙💜💗💚💕💛💘💓💞💖❗
I call my sister and my close friends bae, my best friend (who I'm in love with) gets called Love, Mufasa, and Potato.
I've heard people use Bae short for babe, baby
Dina Kawazu
definitely cannot use pookie in my country. the spelling might be different, but it sounds like a word the V. lol
I call my husband Honey and baby but he likes more wen I call him love
"Pookie" was the name of Garfield the cat's beloved brown teddy bear - random trivia..😉
My guy calls me "princess" I love it. I use babe and darling for him 😍
Jay jay
Bear or sometimes hairy bear...can guess why :)
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