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9 Fun and Romantic Ways to Propose to Him ...

By Crystal

If you're not tied to tradition, show him you love with these fun ways to propose to him. While many women scoff at proposing, it's becoming more commonplace. Since the roles are reversed, you might find it hard to find the right ways to propose to him. It doesn't have to be grand or complex. Keep it simple and he'll love it.

1 Relive Your First Date

Just because he's a guy doesn't mean he doesn't like a little romance now and again. One of the best ways to propose to him is to recreate your first date. It's sweet and simple without being too mushy. Odds are, it's one of the first moments where you started to fall for each other. Now it can be the moment where you commit to forever with each other.

2 Make a Treasure Hunt

What better treasure is there than spending your lives together? Make the proposal fun by turning it into a treasure hunt. Leave notes and clues in places that have some relevance to your relationship or his interests. He'll be eager to find the prize at the end. When he finally reaches the end of the hunt, have the last note be the proposal. Think of it as a guy's version of romance.

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3 Try Something New Together

Is there some activity he's always wanted to try or a place he's wanted to visit? Guys may not like a big public proposal, but they'll love having it incorporated into a new experience. Perhaps he's always wanted to hike in a certain park or try surfing. No matter what it is, do it together. At the end of the day, propose to him and tell him you want to spend your life experiencing new things with him.

4 Cook All His Favorites

It may sound cliché, but food really is the way to a man's heart. Pick a day where you'll both have plenty of time to enjoy the meal. Cook his favorites and have a romantic candlelight dinner or even a picnic. If you're not a great cook, order something he loves from his favorite restaurant. If all else fails, simply go to his favorite restaurant.

5 Propose through His Hobbies

This is your chance to get really creative. Think about his hobbies and how you can incorporate the proposal. For instance, if he loves playing video games, have a custom game created with the proposal. If he loves to run, challenge him to a race, let him win and reward him with the proposal. Basically, just have fun and make it part of his favorite hobby.

6 Give Him Something He's Interested in

If you want to be more traditional and just straight out ask him during a quiet moment, the real challenge is in finding what to give him. After all, us girls expect a ring. He should get something too. If he's not into jewelry, give him something he's interested in and have it personalized. For instance, an engraved pocket knife, a one of a kind collectible or a custom book all make great tokens of your affection.

7 Put It on the Big Screen

If you're sure he won't mind a more public proposal, put your proposal up for all to see at his favorite sporting event. Not only is he getting to enjoy something he loves, but he'll be front and center for a few minutes. It's fun, romantic and shows him you know what he likes. You should be completely sure he'll say yes or it could be embarrassing for both of you.

8 Make a Video

Guys love YouTube. Why not propose via one of his favorite websites? You'll likely need some help with this one though. Come up with a fun idea and make a video around it. For instance, ask his friends to each say something less than flattering about him and say you still love him anyway. You could perform a song or perform a crazy stunt. Like with hobbies, get creative and have fun with it.

9 A Sweet Note

Nothing is more simple and romantic than a love letter. In today's tech crazed world, what is more meaningful than a handwritten letter that says exactly what you feel? If you really want to make it special, place a man's ring around the letter. When he looks up, be standing there ready to hear his answer. It's personal and something he will remember forever.

While women might prefer something more flashy, guys really do like keeping things fairly simple. Do something you know you'll both be comfortable with. No matter what you do, be sincere and let him know how much you care. Have you ever proposed or thought about proposing to a guy?

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