Please Don't Gossip about Your Ex 5 Reasons Why ...


Please Don't Gossip about Your Ex  5 Reasons Why ...
Please Don't Gossip about Your Ex  5 Reasons Why ...

No breakup is ever great. Even the most amicable ones have the potential to harbour a little resentment as time goes by, especially if you get the sense that your ex is getting over things and moving on in a quicker fashion than you. Sometimes, you might get an overwhelming urge to be vicious and petty and indulge in a spot of gossip regarding the person that might have broken your heart. Although it might feel cathartic at the time, I can tell you that it isn’t something you should be looking to do! Here are five solid reasons you shouldn’t gossip about your ex!

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Ex for a Reason

Think about it this way: your ex is your ex for a reason! Why would you want to continue to talk about someone is no longer in your life? By indulging in gossip about them, you are only serving to bring them into your future when what you should be doing is leaving them long in your past. Move forward, don’t get stuck!


Bad Branding

You don’t want to become known as the girl who breaks up with someone and then proceeds to try and ruin their reputation out of revenge or jealousy. It’s not a good look for anyone! People will see your behaviour and think “if she is talking about her ex that way, then how do I know that she isn’t talking about me that way behind my back’? You will be accused of spreading negativity.


Distorting the Truth

The problem with gossip is that as soon as it hits the third or fourth person in the line, it is prone to change and distortion. If rumours start to be spread that are not true, and you are the one who the original gossip is traced back to, then you stand accused of spreading lies about your ex even if they didn’t start out as such. It’s more sensible just to stay out of the entire thing!


Don’t Feel Single

If all you do is continue to talk about your ex long after they have left your life, you will actually miss out on feeling what it is like to be single again! If your ex takes up all of your thinking time and most of your speaking time with others, then it is like they are still around, but without the positive element of actually having the relationship!



Gossiping can make things super awkward if you are in a situation where you will probably have to see your ex from time to time, running in the same social circles for example. Nobody in this world can really keep a secret, so your gossip will travel fast and there is no doubting that it will get to the ears of the person in question eventually. Just don’t get involved with the activity and you will have nothing to worry about!

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