7 Post Break-up Don'ts That You Should Avoid ...


7 Post Break-up Don'ts That You Should Avoid ...
7 Post Break-up Don'ts That You Should Avoid ...

Every break-up has its own set of post break-up don’ts. The don’ts for long-term relationships sometimes differ from the ones for short-term ones. It all can be really confusing. Thankfully, the post break-up don’ts listed below are universal to all break-ups.

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The Infamous "Accidental" Text

We have all done this post break up don’t at least once. It is that "oops, I so didn’t mean to send that to you" text. Yet, we know good and well each word of it was carefully planned to make him a little bit jealous. The next time you type one these bad boys up, just rethink hitting that send button. It’s not worth looking desperate, and that's exactly how you will look. This is why deleting that text, rather than sending it, tops my list of post break-up don'ts.


Overanalyzing the Break-up

Going over each and every detail of your break-up is a big no no. It won’t do anything for you but make you: one, cry; two, get angry; or three, cry some more. You are better than what is already behind you, so stop looking for ways to justify the past. Give yourself some time and lots of space to heal.



Somehow, it always happens that at the very end of a relationship it is all too easy to slip into a new one. Before you do so, make sure that you are really ready. It would feel bad to get hurt again, but it would feel even worse to make someone feel used and like a rebound.


Party! Party! Party!

Yes, you are single (young, wild and free too). Just don’t use this as your opportunity to turn your life into a revolving party. You are better than that. If you are happy about the break-up, celebrating your new single status is more than okay. What’s not okay is using your break-up to become a professional party attendee.


Talk That Talk

Talking about your ex and previous relationship can be therapeutic. However, gossiping about your ex and bashing what you all had together can make for a toxic recipe. In any case, it is always best to limit post break-up talk to a minimum. This helps you get over the situation faster. Also, your relationship is no longer something that defines you. Get out there and make a new definition for yourself.


Obsessive New Hobby

Now that you have all of this free time, feel free to explore those hidden talents of yours. Go on that run that you've been meaning to take. Take that new-age cooking class. Learn a new language. Whatever keeps you moving forward, just make sure that it is not actually holding you back. If you dedicate too much time to it, you could end up neglecting other passions of yours. Just try to keep a balance between everything.


Holding onto Mementos

No matter how long the two of you were together, you probably have somethings lying around that reminds you of you ex. Get rid of them. Give them back. Donate them. Sell them. Whatever you do, don’t hang on to your old mementos if you are truly trying to get over them and move on. Keeping that necklace might seem innocent, but maybe that is why you cannot seem to get him off your mind.

Break-ups can be hard. They are just no fun. Avoid these post break-up don’ts and you will heal faster. Are there post break-up don’t that you have avoided?

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Love it thanks

My ex never got me anything...

I posted the stuff he gsbe me back to him


Love this...thanks

#7 is super useful! I did something similar. Took a lot of courage to look and take all the stuff that was from him and throw them in a big cardboard box. Then take that box and stuff it somewhere and forget about it. It's totally off limits until you don't feel hurt anymore. Now I can look at it and probably throwing some stuff away and laughing at some stuff.

It sucks when the "accidental" txt really is accidental

My only pair of sunglasses that i like were a gift from him!! I really should replace them ...

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