7 Reasons an Age Gap Relationship May Be Right for You ...

By Alison

Are you in a relationship where there's an age gap? Or do you think you could never date someone who is much younger/older than you? Age gap relationships don't always work, and there can be considerable problems. However, never rule it out, as if you do you could be missing out on an amazing experience. Here are some reasons why an age gap relationship may be right for you …

1 Different Levels of Maturity

It's often said that girls mature emotionally more quickly than boys do, and it's true that people mature at different ages. Someone can be young at heart in their 50s, while some 20-year-olds were born middle-aged. So if you meet someone who's older or younger than you, they could still be just like you. If you're both legal adults, then age shouldn't be an issue.

2 The Person

Judge someone by who they are inside, not how old they are. You fall in love with a person, not a birth certificate. If you like them, and they like you, that's all that matters. If they're right for you and they make you happy, don't let the age difference worry you. Many couples live long and happy lives together, because they are good for each other and happy together.

3 Shared Interests

It's important in a relationship to have some shared interests - otherwise, what's the point if you rarely do things together? If you share important values and interests, that gives you a very good foundation for a successful relationship. It could be salsa dancing, animal welfare or thrift shopping - something that you love doing together and that matters to you.

4 Benefits of Maturity

Some people find being with an older partner works very well for them. Older people are generally more mature, settled and confident. Not all younger people like partying and clubbing; it may suit them very well to have a partner who is interested in more serious or rewarding pursuits.

5 You've Connected

If you feel that special connection with someone who's older or younger than you, then the age gap is irrelevant. We don't often feel a strong connection with someone, so when we do it shouldn't be ignored. Give yourself the pleasure of being with someone who you feel understands you, and who loves being around you.

6 The Best Relationship

If you do enter into an age gap relationship, ask yourself after you've been together a while if this is the best relationship you've ever had. If you feel that it is, then the age difference shouldn't matter. It would be silly to turn down a relationship that, aside from the age difference, works very well.

7 You're Realistic

Of course it's sensible to be realistic about the relationship. You should consider any potential drawbacks, such as the likelihood of the older partner dying first, or not wanting children because they already have them from a previous relationship. But as long as you do consider these issues, the relationship stands as good a chance as any.

Age gap relationships aren't for everyone, and you may have to deal with disapproval or outright hostility from friends and family. But it's worth giving things a try; if it doesn't work out, then at least you won't end up wondering what might have been. What's the biggest age gap you think a relationship should have?

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