7 Reasons Being Single Sucks ...


There are some great aspects to being single but no one can deny that there are certain things about it that are not fun! Here's guest contributor Rosie Maxwell with her list on why being single sucks!

Being single sucks. It really does! Despite how many times people try to tell you that it's fine, when you're single all you can think is, "what happened?" For all you ladies out there that need a little reminder or maybe to someone who wants to know how their friend is feeling right now, let me tell you why being single sucks.

1. You Feel Left out

Being single sucks because...when all your friends in relationships are on group dates you know you aren't going to be invited, and if you are, you know it's out of pity. Also, even when it's not a group date but you know everyone is going to be with their SO, you decide not to go because you feel like you are 'third wheeling it.'



Loved it because it's true
@Bridget whyy ?? What if their friend kill themselves should i do it too ??? Noo ! This text totally sucks and everybody chooses the right way for himself !
@Rolita12 i agree with you !
Being single is MY CHOICE, so it does not suck. I love being single. True happiness comes from within & not from being with someone.
and how is this kind of articles helpful? I'm single by my own choice, the freedom to do whatever I please is priceless... there are benefits to being in a relationship but you shouldn't need a person to make you happy.
Being single certainly doesn't "suck." It's difficult, sometimes, but it's not the end of the world.
I love being single:)
Being single doesn't suck
Lmaoooo k seriously? Please don't write anymore
@Melissa Estrada I think this was for people who have single friends.. to explain why they should be somewhat sensitive. at least that's what I got from the second paragraph lol.
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