7 Reasons Why Living Together before Marriage is a Good Thing ...


Did you ever wonder if and why living together before marriage is a good thing? Keep on reading. Many traditional couples like to live separately until they tie the knot, but there is a plethora of advantages of moving in together before the big day. What makes it even better is that it could potentially save your relationship in the long term. In some parts of the world, living together isn’t always accepted, but for this article I look at countries where it’s not as frowned upon. These are 7 reasons why living together before marriage is a good thing.

1. It’s Cheaper

Why would you have two apartments, while you already spend most of the nights together? Keeping both places is a huge waste of money, if you only imagine what you could do with the money. Couples could save up for their wedding, they could spend it on traveling or they could simply pay off their student loans by moving in together. Living together is much cheaper and I think it’s a valid reason why living together before marriage is a good thing. Additionally, it gives you the opportunity to sell stuff you don’t need or don’t have room for anymore.

You Get to Know Each Other


i think men should make the first move on moving into a house together with their girlfriends
Chippyblue923 that's a horrible experience but it's better finding out before you get married how he really is.
Neecey Beresford
@chippyblue923, But don't you think you are better off knowing those horrible things about him before you get married? Better t dump a cheater before you marry him, than divorce him after surely?
It's a bad idea. My boyfriend moved in with my grandparents and me and it was horrible. All he wanted was sex and his temper was worse than when we were living separately. he didn't want any responsib...
Talie Pretty
Monique Harding
Living together may not always work. If you live with someone before you get married, you may delay getting married. Cohabitating, shaking up or the like, may not be good for two ppl. Men have a tende...
My boyfriend and I have been talking about marriage and living together after graduating from University and get our careers going, and I think it's a great thing to do. Not only will it save on money...
This is my beau and I.. Def a gd thing :)
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