9 Real Yet Strange Dating Superstitions ...


I honestly thought it was a joke when I heard about some of these dating superstitions. I always just believed getting dressed and being myself was all I needed to do. The date would either be good or it wouldn't. Turns out, many women engage in some strange dating superstitions and will even cancel a date if these rituals don't go as planned.

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Lucky Underwear

I'll admit to wanting to wear sexy undies on a date just to feel a little sexier, but I've never had a special pair I had to wear on every first date. One of my friends actually canceled a date one time because she couldn't find her lucky underwear. Dating superstitions shouldn't stop a date before it starts. Your date doesn't care about your underwear, he just wants to get to know you.


Pre-Date Soundtrack

I guess I might be guilty of this one, but I never thought of it as a superstition. I just love listening to upbeat music before a first date to boost my mood and ease jitters. However, some women actually have a set soundtrack that they must listen to before every date. Without it, they feel the date will go horribly wrong. Trust me, music won't make or break your date before it even begins.


Wearing a Certain Shade of Lipstick

I can't tell you how many times I've heard women panic because they can't find their special date lipstick. Personally, I just wear the perfect shade for my outfit. I'm a lipstick junkie and can't imagine having a specific shade just for dates. Plus, if the date goes really well, he'll be wearing the lipstick anyway. If you're guilty of this one, try to branch out to several different shades so you never have to cancel due to a lipstick crisis.


Not Eating Beforehand

I fully understand the reasoning behind this superstition. Honestly, it's probably the most practical on the list. You don't want to be offensive on your first date, so you avoid eating anything, especially gassy foods. I can't do this myself since my tummy loves to growl loudly. I do; however, avoid anything that might ruin my breath.


Don't Call the Guy

Why can't a girl give the guy a call after the first date? Even guys have a superstition about waiting three days to call the girl. If you like the person, give them a call the next day. Let them know you had a good time and see if they want to go out again. It doesn't matter who calls first. Of course, don't get all creepy and leave numerous messages or texts. One call, one voicemail or text.


Avoid Bright Colors

I know, this just sounds insane. Many women avoid wearing bright colors on dates. They feel that it draws too much attention to them and might make their date jealous. Others think bright colors will distract their date. The entire point of a date is to ensure the guy can't stop thinking about you. Is he more likely to remember a beige dress or a bright red one?


Call Mom First

The last thing I'm thinking about before a date is my mom. I love her, but I don't need 20 questions about a guy I probably don't even know that well just before heading out. However, many guys and gals believe you have to call your mom within the last hour before your date. I guess it has something to do with getting her blessing. Maybe it's just a way to distract yourself. Either way, I'd rather wait to call her after the date's over.


Eat a Lucky Food

While some women don't eat at all, others have a lucky food. I usually chew gum while getting ready to ease any nerves. I don't even have a certain flavor. Some women will make a special trip just to find their lucky food, even if it's only minutes before a date. I knew one girl who ate in the cab ride to meet her date at the restaurant. Needless to say, you don't mess with a girl's lucky food.


Mismatched Socks

Sometimes women try way too hard to look perfect for a date. To make them feel more like themselves, they'll wear hidden mismatched socks. It gives them something else to focus on instead of anxiety. I usually wear a ring to fiddle with, but if it helps, go with it. At least this superstition is pretty easy to pull off unless you're wearing cute sandals.

Almost everyone has some sort of dating superstition. Whether it's clothing, a ritual, food or something else entirely, we all have something that makes us feel better about going out on a date. I'm all for superstitions, just don't let them ruin a great date. What are your dating superstitions?

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