7 Reasons He May Be Distant but Why It Doesn't Mean Problems in Your Relationship ...


As for your man, there are several reasons he may be distant at a certain point in your relationship. Although this can be incredibly frustrating, it may actually have nothing to do with you directly, and it may not mean there are problems in your relationship, besides feeling distant of course. Although there are a multitude of reasons he might be checking out, there are seven somewhat common reasons he may be distant.

1. He Isn't Feeling Manly

Men need to feel manly. As the number of jobs dwindle that are traditionally "rugged," men don't always find positions where the day to day grind suits the primal need to grunt, sweat, and fix (or more often break) things. Some guys can get that fix through simple things, such as making a few minor repairs around the house. Others join sports teams or have a "guys night" with friends. However done, it is important for men to feel manly. Having him help you with something can make him feel needed. Although this is a big one, there are still other reasons he may be distant.

Work or Family Life is Strained


Adanna Kobie
Sometimes when his space isn't respected he may feel like that only way he could get that time to think and overcome some of his mental strains is to distance himself from the relationship for hopefully a short period.
Vanessa Alves Mattar Calfat
Can you believe my man has all the reasons above? No wonder he is so distant! Thanks!
Sometimes I think he is feeling the pressure of needing to be his best for another person and gets a little tired. He always perks up when we let out out emotions and stresses. Back rubs are always key
Thank u so much now i know the reason😊
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