7 Possible Reasons He Hasn't Texted You ...


7 Possible Reasons He Hasn't Texted You ...
7 Possible Reasons He Hasn't Texted You ...

If you’re sitting alone waiting for your crush or partner to contact you, there are plenty of possible reasons he hasn’t texted you back. Don’t automatically assume the worst, because you never know what he’s been up to. Instead of jumping to one particular conclusion, think about the possible reasons he hasn’t texted you:

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He’s Actually Busy

One of the most obvious reasons he hasn’t texted you is because he’s stuck doing work. We all love our phones, but we can’t always drop everything in order to text someone back. Even if you’re the most important person in his life, he has other priorities. Don’t assume he suddenly hates you, because he didn’t text you back within five minutes. He might be busy making reservations for your anniversary dinner.


He Can’t Think of a Witty Reply

He might be trying so hard to impress you that he’s struggling to come up with the perfect reply. He doesn’t want to just send the first message he thinks of, and have your conversation die. He wants to make sure that he picks just the right words to keep you talking all night long.


He Read It and Forgot about It

You know you've done this before. You hear your phone, read your texts, but forget to reply. Then you get on with your day, totally forgetting about the messages. Or you might even remember what he said to you, but wrongly assume that you've already replied, and wonder what's taking him so long to answer. It happens all the time, and you know it.


He Doesn't Find It Important

This is your worst fear. It's horrible to think that someone would have looked at your text, and deemed you unworthy of a response. Of all of the possibilities why he hasn't texted you back, this is by far the worst. If this is the case, he's not worth your time.


He's Unsure of His Feelings

If he knows you're interested, he might not want to lead you on when he's unsure of how he feels. It can take a while to figure out whether or not you want to date someone. Love doesn't always happen at first sight. He might need time to decide how he feels, so that he doesn't break your heart.


He Read It, but Can’t Reply

If he's in class, his phone might be visible, but he's unable to touch it without getting in trouble. If he's in the middle of an important conversation with a friend, it would come across as rude to start texting. You might have a hard time putting your phone away for an hour, but it's necessary in some cases. It's just not always appropriate, or possible, to text.


His Phone’s on Silent

He might have left his phone in his car or left it on silent. If he's not near his cell, it's impossible for him to answer it. You can't really blame him for his poor memory. He'll get back to you as soon as he sees that you contacted him.

It may sound ridiculous to worry so much over a simple text, but technology has become such a huge part of our lives that it's impossible to ignore it. Do you get paranoid when someone takes too long to reply to a text message?

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Blarrgh he's so frustrating.

or maybe he's asleep/napping

The read and forgot is too true!

So true

Or maybe he isn't into you.

Or maybe he's just not that into you...

Lauren ! That happens to me and my bf .... And am worried. Bring it up when you see him. That's what am going to do !!

sun serious

It's annoying when it's actually important and needs a fast reply

or in jail...

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