7 Reasons to Date a Guy without a College Degree ...


7 Reasons to Date a Guy without a College Degree ...
7 Reasons to Date a Guy without a College Degree ...

Have you ever thought that you would never date a guy without a college degree? Some of the most successful businessmen never went to college, and they've still done very well for themselves. Some think that getting practical experience will serve you better than spending years building up debts at college. Here are some great reasons to date a guy without a college degree …

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Qualifications Don't Equal Intelligence

One reason why it's fine to date a guy without a college degree is that qualifications don't mean the same thing as intelligence. People who haven't had the chance to go to college (or chose not to) are every bit as smart as those who did. Some may even be smarter. Studying at college gives you qualifications, but much can be learned through self-education.



Guys who aren't particularly studious often have other talents. They may be brilliant at practical things rather than being academic. Some would argue that guys like these are far more useful than guys who have degrees but are useless at fixing things. When you date a practical guy, your car will always run smoothly and he'll know how to fix everything in your house.



I'm all for education, but the recent years have shown that having a degree doesn't guarantee you a job. There are plenty of graduates working jobs that don't require a degree. A guy who has spent the college years working his way up may actually have better prospects. By the time he is 22 he has several years of experience in his job, instead of looking for his first job.


Shouldn't Judge

It's important not to judge people; just because they don't have a college degree doesn't mean that they're not clever, and it certainly doesn't mean that they're not nice. A guy is worth dating because he shares your values and interests, not because he reached a certain academic level. You could miss out on some really great guys if you dismiss anyone who never attended college.



Guys who didn't go to college are often extremely hardworking people, and they perform some pretty essential jobs. Think of how many jobs don't need a degree. We would be helpless if it weren't for plumbers, mechanics, builders, shop assistants, farmers …


... electricians, and so many other professionals who keep our daily lives running smoothly. Remember, the value of a person is not measured by the diplomas on their walls but by their character and how they treat you. These guys often have practical skills that have been honed through experience, which can be incredibly attractive. They're the backbone of society, and without them, things would grind to a halt. So, when thinking about your next date, consider the man who might just be able to fix your leaky faucet as well as your heart.



You don't have to go to college when you're 18 - lots of people retrain later in life. It's never too late to get the qualifications you want. So a guy without a degree can always return to college and study, if he wants to. Sometimes you don't have the interest in studying when you're young.


Nice Guy

Finally, the most important thing about a guy is that he treats you well. Ultimately, those are the only qualifications he really needs, so see his academic qualifications as secondary. A guy with a clutch of degrees may not be as nice as another who missed out on college, so judge him on more important factors.

Even if you think you're not particularly snobby, you may unconsciously have chosen to date guys who went to college. If you meet one who didn't, don't dismiss him. He could be a smart, dedicated, hardworking guy. He may even be a tycoon in the making? What would make you turn a guy down?

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I am currently dating (recently engaged to) a wonderful man without a college degree. I have a degree and post grad qualifications. He is the nicest guy I have ever met and he treats me right, protects and looks out for me and my well being. He has ambition and has future plans and goals that are feasible. Money/education is secondary...look for a man who truly loves you and face life's challenges as a team. :-)

I don't really agree with this article. I'd been in a relationship with a guy who had little or no educational qualification. He wasn't really my cup of tea. Those people around me testified they had the same experiences. There are issues of envy, insecurity, in fact, ideas can be different because they perceive the world very differently. At the end of the day, we parted ways

i'm in love with this post!

This is true. Jerks are everywhere and sometimes more so in college because they can be even more judgmental.

A man who's handy is rare nowadays.

My boyfriend use to work as a machine operator making big money. In 2008 he was hit by crane and it shattered his world. Because he doesn't have any kind of college degree I think it hurt his chances of geting a job, and now he can't work due to the accident. But my parents say without a degree he won't provide for me, and he's bad for me, although the guy treats me like gold. It's frustrating. Plus I have 2 degrees, I"m getting my Masters in a year or so, and I have HELLA STUDENT loans. He has $0 in loans. And I am planning on being a teacher, so I doubt I"ll pay those off any day soon.

Just because you don't attend a college doesn't necessarily mean you're not furthering your education. There are different ways for each individual to continue acquiring knowledge. Any girl who would forgo dating a guy simply based on their decision not to attend college is an ignorant bitch.

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