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7 Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships Never Work out for New Couples ...

By Vladlena

There are plenty of reasons why long distance relationships never work out for new couples. Recently I have witnessed the struggle of many long distance couples and I have come to a realization that almost every single one of them ended in a break up. As a new couple, you go through a period when you want to see each other every second and that is almost impossible when you are miles away. This and many other reasons is why long distance relationships never work out, especially for new couples.

1 Jealousy

No matter what type of person you are, you are bound to experience some jealousy while your other half is miles away. I think that at some point during a long distance relationship paranoia gets the best of you and you begin to imagine things that might not even be happening. Your jealousy just increases with time as you begin to hear stories and see pictures on social media. This is just one of the reasons why long distance relationships never work out.

2 Lack of Trust

Trust builds up over time, which is why it often lacks in newly blossomed relationships. When getting separated early on in the relationship, you might not have as much trust for the other person, which leads to even more paranoia. There is really no way to know whether your partner is cheating on you because things happen even when couples are in close proximity. The health of your relationship will definitely be put at risk with more distance between both of you.


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3 New People

It is only natural that you and your partner will meet new people and the more people you meet, the more likely you will find someone you are attracted to. Although it is not a guarantee, it is possible that you will meet someone else, who lives in your area and can give you what you need. A lack of quality time spent together, leads to more time spent with other people, which is not really something you want.

4 Less Communication

The amount of communication you have with your partner during a long distance relationship is nothing compared to what you would have if you were close to each other. Communication over the phone or social media can only lead to miscommunications, which would increase the amount of fights and misunderstandings.

5 Uncertain Future

It is scary to be in a relationship that has a hazy future. You don’t know if you will be apart forever and what the distance might do to your relationship. You are not around to get a firm hold on what is going on, so your sense of togetherness is no longer there. Many people often end long distance relationships because they can’t stand the pending status of the future of their relationship.

6 Getting Used to the Distance

Over time it is easy to get used to the distance. You get used to talking only a couple of days a week and you no longer feel the same attraction you used to have before. The whole point of a relationship is to love each other and be there for one another, but how is that possible when you barely see each other?

7 Amount of Effort Needed

Long distance relationships are definitely harder to maintain. They require a lot of devotion and commitment from both sides. However putting your relationship first is hard to do when each person has his or her own responsibilities and goals. With so many other things going on, it is hard to truly give the relationship your all.

Although some relationships overcome distance, others quickly tumble down over time. The distance puts strain on the relationship that is often hard to manage. What are your thoughts on long distance relationships? Share in the comments!

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