5 Valuable Reasons to End a Long Term Relationship ...

By Konstantina

There are several reasons to end a long term relationship. Ending a longtime relationship can be difficult. This is a person that you’ve shared a lot of time in your life with you, years maybe. It is a person you’ve shared holidays and personal successes and failures with. And it will be sad and painful to watch them go because it might feel that it is a part of you that is going away. But sometimes it is inevitable and there are a few reasons to end a long term relationship.

Table of contents:

  1. it is just a habit
  2. you argue about everything
  3. boredom has been lowering your iq
  4. you don’t want to see him
  5. lust has left the building

1 It is Just a Habit

Sure when you met him you fell in love and of course, after years you might not have the exact same feelings, but are your nowadays feelings strong enough to keep you in your relationship or is it that your relationship is a habit? Sometimes we don’t have the courage to end it because we are afraid of being alone or not confident enough that we will ever meet someone else. But overall, if your relationship is a habit, that's one of the top reasons to end a long term relationship.

2 You Argue about Everything

Relationships, whether longtime or not, have fights and disagreements and intensity. But they also have calm and relaxed conversations. If you and your partner are arguing about everything, even for the simplest things then this is a sign you should end your relationship. A little friendly competition is fine. When every single word or even a look is provoking a battle, then it’s time for a closure.

3 Boredom Has Been Lowering Your IQ

In a relationship, as time passes, things are not as intense and passionate as they were in the first few months. Time will bring boredom, sure. But when boredom is constant then there is a problem. If you are bored to do anything or even try anything new with him then this is definitely a sign that you should end this relationship.

4 You Don’t Want to See Him

It is only logical that sometimes you will want to go out with your friends and leave your boyfriend at home or leave him to go out with his friends. But if you find yourself more and more eager to go out with someone else rather than your boyfriend and these times are increasing fast then there is something wrong with your relationship.

5 Lust Has Left the Building

Sex is a crucial part of your relationship. Sure after some time, you won’t want to jump his bones every time he walks through the door but if you are not in the mood most of the time and you start to see sex as a chore that you have to do then ending your relationship is the only way.

Staying in a relationship out of obligation or loyalty to all the previous times you shared is not the best thing that can happen. Things like that can lead to cheating, or even looking back at ten years and realizing that you spent your life in a relationship that you were unhappy with. Ending it will be difficult and maybe for a few months after the break up you will miss the relationship and will wonder if you made the right decision. Maybe you will even be tempted to go back. But before you do any of it, take a moment, evaluate your relationship and think. Eventually, you will make the right decision for you.

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