7 Reasons to Hold off on a Relationship in College ...

It can be tempting to want to get into a relationship in college. You'll meet a lot of different people on and off campus, especially those who have the potential to be more than just a friend. People typically end up in at least one serious relationship during their college years. However, putting all your time and energy into a boyfriend can be detrimental to your studies. Here are some reasons why you should hold off on a relationship in college.

1. You Avoid Limitations

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First off, you can avoid all the limitations that are associated with being in a relationship in college. College is a time for you to mix and mingle with new people. It's a time to flourish like never before and make connections with anyone and everyone. A relationship could hinder you from being social and outgoing like you want. Most of all, you may want to innocently date around a bit, which you can't do while in a serious relationship.

2. You Avoid Distractions

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A relationship can be so distracting at times. There's no doubt you'll argue and fight with your significant other. He may do little things that annoy you and keep you distracted. This can get in the way of your focus on what matters most, which is your schoolwork. When you're a college student, you want to stay as happy and comfortable as possible. Your surroundings and the people in them really do affect your performance when you're in college.

3. You Avoid Missing Your Friends

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A relationship may keep you away from spending time with your friends. Remember, you want to mingle as much as possible. After a long week of turning in assignments and studying for exams, you may want to reserve your weekend for spending time with your friends. You'll need this time to let loose and have a little fun. "Boo loving" is cute and all, but it's nothing like having a group of friends to go out with when you're in desperate need of a drink and dance floor.

4. You Avoid Financial Burdens

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This is one of those burdens I know too well because I've experienced it for myself. In most relationships, couples like to share everything, including finances. This isn't the right time to be compromising your finances with someone else. You should be saving money and using your funds for only yourself. God forbid that the person moves into your apartment just to be a freeloader. Please, if you know what's good for you, you would completely stay away from sharing resources with a significant other at this time.

5. You Avoid Being Held Back

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A relationship can hold you back. What if you get an opportunity to travel abroad or you decide to transfer schools? You may not consider either option now that you're committed to someone. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to make your dreams a reality. Whatever that may be, you don't want your boyfriend to keep you from pursuing your goals.

6. You Avoid Facing Heartbreak

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No one likes being hurt by a loved one, and experiencing heartbreak while you're trying to study for an exam is no fun! Whether you're sadden by an argument or breakup, it will feel like a house has fallen on top of you. This feeling will not only consume your emotions, but your mind as well. Strive to keep your mind clutter-free from all the unnecessary drama. It's really not worth it.

7. You Avoid Slip-ups

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Okay loves, this is an important one. If you're honestly serious about school and that's it, then it's best for you to be very cautious about your sex life. It's very easy to slip-up and get pregnant. Put all that passion you feel into your books instead of a relationship that's never promised to last. Plus, there are too many STDs traveling around for you to be careless. Be patient and be safe!

Relationships during college can be rewarding if it helps build you up and doesn't get in the way of your studies. Other than that, hold off on one for a while. What are some other reasons to avoid a serious relationship while attending college? What was your experience?

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