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Have you ever considered dating guys off campus? Well, there are definitely good reasons to consider the thought. Dating someone who doesn't go to the same university as you can be a whole new experience in itself. It may be less stressful and less distracting. Here are a few reasons why dating guys off campus may be a better option for you.

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Your off-Campus Network Grows

Dating guys off campus introduces you to people outside your college community. If you're dating a guy that already has an established career, then meeting his colleagues and friends could hook you up with the right connections. You never know who you may become acquainted with while dating someone who doesn't attend your school. Most college kids tend to mingle just among each other, but dating someone off campus gets you involved with people from various backgrounds, professions, and lifestyles.


Exposes You to Different Environments

This next tip could definitely help some of you who may be new in town. If you're still learning your way around the area, the guy you're dating could be a helpful tour guide. He may be great at pointing out some fun hang out spots away from campus. You both may even go on adventurous weekend trips together to visit other cities or towns in the state. Additionally, you may also become interested to join an off-campus organization or cause because of him.


Gives You a Reason to Get Away

Dating someone off campus is a little more peaceful. The college life is already distracting with all the partying and drama. However, having someone to chill with away from school gives you a reason to get away. If for some reason you need a change of scenery, then this helps you in this area. You can enjoy the company of someone else while at the same time enjoy being away from the daily demands of school.


Won't Share Mutual Friends

For the most part, you two may not even share the same friends. You will have your college friends while he has his own friends. Having mutual friends can sometimes cause major drama for both of you. This can help prevent the whole he-said-she-said drama, which we'll discuss in the next point.


Avoid Gossip and Rumors

When dating someone on campus, you may hear a lot of gossip through the grapevine. This is especially true if you're dating a popular sports player at school. There's always going to be some type of rumor going around campus. Dating off campus will more than likely help you avoid all the unnecessary college drama.


People Won't Be in Your Business

The most important part about dating someone off campus is that people won't be in your business. It's okay to have a few friends that you confide in about your dating life however, you'll have all the privacy you need to enjoy the dating experience. When you feel that you need advice or just someone to laugh with, you'll always have the option to let your friends in on the 4-1-1.


There Won't Be Any Run-ins

When you're involved with someone from school, it's a chance that you'll both bump into each other from time to time. This is not always the case when it comes to dating someone who doesn't attend your school. Breakups are already hard enough to deal with, but to have to see that person on campus can make it harder to deal with—especially if they're dating someone new. You'll never have to go through those awkward moments when you run into each other, unless the two of you broke up on good terms.

The great thing about dating off campus is that you can separate your love life from your school life. They'll never be completely linked to each other. What are some other reasons why it's good to have a dating life off campus?

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I actually disagree with this. When you're young that closeness is important. The reason people advise breaking up with your significant other before going to college is, for one reason, because you're going to be away from each other.

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