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7 Reasons Why You Should Stay Away from Tinder ...

By Vladlena

Tinder has quickly become a popular dating app, but this doesn’t mean that you should automatically hop on the bandwagon just because it’s a viral app; there are certain reasons why you should stay away from Tinder. Personally I don’t believe in intentionally finding love online, I am still an avid supporter of old school dating that involves meeting at a party, feeling the connection and talking the night away. Just think on these reasons why you should stay away from Tinder and give it a second thought!

1 Not Authentic

One of the main reasons why you should stay away from Tinder is because it is not an authentic type of dating. Technically speaking, you are forcing a connection with your own intentions already in mind! Truthfully, this is not very genuine. You shouldn’t be hunting for love and instead just let it happen, no matter how desperate you think you might be.

2 Catfish

Haven’t we already learned from several Catfish stories just how easy it is to create a false persona online? The cute, sporty, successful and confident guy you meet online may be quite the opposite in real life. It is too easy to lie to others and yourself when you are in front of the computer screen. So be careful because you might be talking to someone who is saying everything you want to hear just for a chance to meet you.

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3 Can Be Dangerous

While on the topic of impersonating someone you are not, I want to point out that communicating with someone who is not honest can be quite dangerous. You don’t know what these people are capable of and, in this day and age, the Internet is not a safe place. So stay away from Tinder meet-ups in general or at least have someone else with you when you decide to meet for the first time.

4 Creep Factor

Some guys are huge creeps to girls in real life, so you can only imagine that the creep factor will be amped up to the nth degree when it comes to online dating. Plus no girl likes to feel like a piece of meat! So say ‘No!’ to Tinder to avoid such treatment from people you don’t even know.

5 You Should Get Back to Old School Dating

Oh, how I miss old school dating! It was so natural and exciting! There was none of the nonverbal communication you experience over the Internet; it was solely based on the in-person interaction and extra time spent with each other. And I think it’s time we bring it back!

6 Online Connection is Not Always Real

Just because you form a connection with someone online, that doesn’t mean that it will all be the same in real life. Online sparks are not always real because a lot of it is based on your own interpretation. So instead of getting your hopes up and then realizing that it was all a mistake, it is better to know what you are getting into by meeting someone in person from the start!

7 Tinder Hinders Real Life Interaction

Today our in-person interaction is already significantly lower than before, so we can’t afford to find partners in life through dating apps and websites. I am all for technological advancements but certain things must remain the same despite the changes made in our society, certain things like dating and meeting people in general!

Lots of individuals believe that their only way out of loneliness is online dating, but there is a time and a place for everything. Too many people are getting sucked into this Tinder craze, even teenagers who are not even of age yet! What are your thoughts on online dating using websites and apps like Tinder?

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