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7 Roles Your Partner Must Play in a Successful Relationship ...

By Holly

When you’re in a committed relationship, there are different roles your partner must play. Being someone's boyfriend or girlfriend holds a lot of responsibility. You need to be there for the other person, even when it’s inconvenient for you. For better or for worse, here are some roles your partner must play:

1 Best Friend

A best friend contains all of the traits that a great mate does. They’re your favorite person to be around. They’re the first person you go to when you have happy (or horrid) news. Above all, they’re the person that you trust the most in the world. One of the most important roles your partner must play is being your best friend, because they have to make you laugh, and be there for you when you cry.

2 Psychiatrist

You want a mate that will listen to your problems. They don’t have to prescribe a cure--they just have to be there to listen. If your partner is bored by your stories, the relationship will suffer. We all know about the importance of communication. If you can’t talk to them, then how will you two be able to last?

3 Nurse

When you’re sick, they’ll make your food, and attempt to nurse you back to health. They don’t have to have a medical degree. They just have to sit by your bed, and tell you you’re beautiful even when you look like a mess. As long as they’re trying their best to help, that’s all that matters. Their love can't cure an illness, but it can certainly help.

4 Teacher

We all have different skills that we’re capable of teaching others. Maybe your partner’s a great cook, and will show you how to make scrumptious eggs in the morning. Maybe they’re a talented dancer, and will teach you a few steps. When you’re in a relationship, you get to witness your mate’s talents, and hopefully learn from them. It's fun for everyone!

5 Protector

They don’t have to be skilled in the martial arts in order to complete the ‘protector’ role. They just have to make you feel safe. If you’re stuck in an elevator with them, will you freak out, or will they cause you to calm down? If you’re snowed in by a storm, will they help you survive or will they leave you to fend for yourself? A great protector is someone who can make you feel safe, even when you’re not.

6 Teddy Bear

Even if you’re not the affectionate type, there will be moments when you’ll just want a hug. Your partner will be there for you to snuggle up with at night. They’ll be there to hold your hand when you’re feeling nervous. No matter what, they'll be there.

7 Equal

This is a role your partner must constantly play if you want your relationship to last. Neither one of you is superior to the other. It doesn’t matter if you have a better job or a more beautiful face. Inside of the relationship. you’re equals. If you both remember this, then it’ll be easier to work out problems and keep your relationship strong.

Successful relationships require quite a bit of work. You need to be efficient in many areas, in order to satisfy your lover's needs. Does your partner fulfill all of these roles?

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