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21 Sexy Role Playing Ideas for Couples Spicing Things up ...

By Lyndsie

Role Playing Ideas can spice up any relationship, as long as you're both willing and ready. Whether you're married or dating, sometimes you just need a little extra fire in the bedroom – and that's okay. It happens to everyone at one point or another, although sometimes it's hard to admit. That, too, is where role playing ideas can come in handy: you can easily introduce some excitement into your love life, simply by playing with your partner. If you think you might need some tips or if you're just eager to try something new, keep reading from some steamy, sexy role playing ideas for couples!

1 The a+ Student – the Top Role Playing Idea

arm,finger,hand,You,better, In doing research for this article, I actually found that a lot of ladies (and this was where my focus went – sorry, guys!) like the idea of the student/teacher or student/principal scenario. If you like the idea of being innocent, of not knowing anything but still being able to play out your fantasies, this may be the right role for you – especially if your lover likes to take on the role of power and knowledge.

2 The Sexy Secretary

person,mouth,sense,screenshot,singing, This role playing idea might seem cliché, but it's popular for a reason. It can be really sexy to pretend like you're coming onto a man or women who's in power over you. This is different than the student/teacher scenario because you're no longer innocent, and you're not anyone's protege. An exciting twist on this idea, however, would be having your lover play secretary – and you get to be the boss.

3 The Eager Applicant

human action,hair,face,person,blond, This is a play on the above scenario. You and your partner can work out a scene where you're applying for a job, but don't quite have the qualifications to measure up. If you can prove you're a model candidate, you can probably get the job. This scene, too, is about power and how to exercise it – so again, a sexy twist might be a little bit of role reversal.

4 The Classic Pizza Guy

human hair color,hair,human action,blond,eating, Sometimes, the idea of having sex with someone you don't know is really appealing … but you don't really want to do that. Instead, let your lover be the pizza guy – or the plumber or the cable guy, or the internet expert, if you're into guys or girls who know their way around some html. This classic role playing idea lends itself well to many roles. Just make sure you have a good script going, because often, the things you say beforehand really heat up the things that happen after.

5 Lady with a Badge

fashion, Having authority in the bedroom is often a fantasy for women – so feel free to take control of it. Maybe your lover's a bank robber, a mob boss, a drug dealer – whatever his crime, he'll still have to do the time. And if you show up with handcuffs, a tight uniform, and some sexy, thigh high boots, he probably won't even be think about his one phone call.

6 Yoga Instructor

human action,person,sports,physical fitness,leg, Sound stupid? I promise you it's not. When one of you takes on the role of yoga or fitness instructor, there will be lots of touching involved. It won't necessarily be sexual, not at first, but it will be sensual, and if you keep to your roles, then things will get very steamy, very quickly. This is the kind of subtle, realistic role playing idea that can light things on fire.

7 A Model Affair

hair,person,black hair,image,girl, This actually doesn't have to involve modeling as such, but it can. The important thing is that one of you plays a photographer for whatever reason. It will really give you the chance to get sexy with one another, and if you have a good, strong scenario, then the pictures will get R rated very quickly.

8 The Naughty Nurse

performance art,stage,screenshot,musical theatre, This role playing idea probably seems cliché as well, but remember this – cliches work. When role playing as a nurse or playing doctor, the key is that, again, you get to do a lot of touching. It can begin innocently and professionally, and then, very subtly, it can get more and more intimate. That's really the key to a great role playing session.

9 The Randy Repairman

facial expression,face,girl,beauty,smile, Have you ever fantasized about getting it on with a man who's good with his hands? Then you should tell your man to strap on a belt and enter the laundry room to work on your washer or dryer. Once he's in there, join him for some fun on top of the machines.

10 Saucy Stripper

clothing,person,muscle,leg,mouth, Are you ready to give your man a lap dance? Put on your skimpiest lingerie and dance around for him. If you have some sort of pole-like structure, you can even pole dance for him. Just make sure he has a few dollar bills to stick in your underwear before you begin--you don't work for free!

11 Pretty Princess

color,dress,performance art,painting,art, Pretend that you're a princess trapped in a tower and he's the white knight that's on his way to save you. If you're obsessed with Disney movies, you could even pick a specific princess to dress up as. It'll make your childhood dreams come true.

12 Passionate Prisoner

person,conversation,singing,interaction,singer, You can do a few things with this role play. You can pretend that you're a prisoner and your partner is inside of your cell for a conjugal visit. You could also pretend that you're a guard and your partner is the prisoner. Either way, it's bound to be super sexy.

13 Head Cheerleader and Football Star

performing arts,performance art,entertainment,dance,sports, You're out of high school, but you can pretend that you're back in those halls. Except this time, you're the head cheerleader that every guy wants to sleep with. Your man, of course, will play the role of the hot football player that every girl has a crush on. It's a match made in heaven.

14 Strangers at a Bar

conversation,screenshot,interaction, This one is fun if you start it while you're out in public. Choose a spot to meet and then introduce yourselves to one another like you're strangers. The night will only get hotter from there. It'll be like you're embarking on a special one-night-stand.

15 Hot Hitch Hiker

red,darkness,light, Your man can play the part of a hitch hiker that you're nice enough to drive around. Since you don't really know him, you'll have no idea if he's safe to be around. The thrill of not knowing a man and being in such close confines with him will drive you two crazy.

16 Sexy Singer and Greedy Groupie

human action,hair,person,nose,singing, How much would you love to sleep with a sexy guitar player? Well, even if your man can't play any instruments, you can pretend that he's a star that just finished his performance. Meanwhile, you're his groupie who found a way to sneak backstage into his dressing room.

17 Saucy Chef and Server

hair,human action,face,person,nose, You're supposed to be preparing food for your customers, but you're in the mood to be a little naughty. For this role play, you can involve some tasty treats. Grab some whipped cream or chocolate sauce to cover your bodies with. Don't worry, because you can shower together after the deed is done.

18 Amazing Masseuse

person,screenshot, This one is fun, because you won't only get to have sex--you'll also get a massage! Hop on the table, give your man some oils, and wait for him to grease up his hands. Of course, he's going to give you a happy ending when it's all over.

19 Adorable in the Apocalypse

hair,clothing,blond,muscle,black hair, If you're a fan of The Walking Dead, you'll love this idea. Pretend that you and your partner are one of the last people on the planet, struggling to survive. You're scared, you're tired, and you're itching to find some sort of happiness in the dreary world.

20 Messy Maid

pianist,musician,singing,distracting,ou?, Men love a woman who can take care of them. That's why he'll be turned on when you show up in his room with a feather duster and maid's outfit. You could even use the feather to tickle him in all the right places.

21 Fiesty Firefighter

room, Pretend that your house just went on fire and your partner saved you from the burning building. Now it's time to thank him. You could just bake him some cookies, but you know that he'd prefer a nice, long lovemaking session. Go crazy!

As you can see, there are all kinds of steamy role playing ideas for couples, some of them rather innocent and some far more sensual. It all depends what you and your partner want, what you're in the mood for, and what makes you feel comfortable. Even if these particular role playing ideas aren't for you, hopefully they've given you some inspiration for something else you can do with your lover. Speaking of which, what are the most exciting role playing ideas you can think of?

This article was written in collaboration with editor Holly Riordan.

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