Video - Should You Trust Dating Advice from Friends?


Video - Should You Trust Dating Advice from Friends?
Video - Should You Trust Dating Advice from Friends?

Should you trust dating advice you receive from friends?
The areas of love, dating and relationships are probably the life topics for which we receive the most advice. Whether solicited or not, everyone – from the store clerk to your mother, from the barista at your favorite coffee shop to your BFF – has an opinion on anything and everything to do with your love life or lack of relationship.

Love, romance, dating, relationships, marriage … everyone has experience and therefore something to say. It’s not that they are claiming to be experts – indeed who could be a true expert in matters of the heart? - but opinions are formed via all sorts of avenues. Our opinions on love come from our own romantic adventures, things we observe about our friends and their relationships, our family and upbringing, movies, TV and books, and social media (we live in a world where everything is played out in public).

It’s easy to not trust ourselves when it comes to love. It is such a major part of life that we can feel nervous, unsure or just plain confused. There are so many questions we might have, and they can arise at any point before, during or after a relationship.

We usually assume that those close to us, and even those who aren’t, when offering dating and love advice, have our best interests at heart. This isn’t always necessarily the case. And it is interesting where the motivation for this non-advice or wrong advice comes from (some of which is introduced below).

So, should you trust dating advice from friends?

This video explains the type of β€œfriend” who might have ulterior motives or unbiased opinions that are not in our best interest when it comes to love.

As with any advice, it is but advice and only you can make the decision in the end.

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