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Does Your Boyfriend Secretly Want You to Dump Him

By Crystal

Recognizing the signs your boyfriend wants you to dump him isn't always easy. After all, you'd think he'd just get it over with if he's not in to you anymore. Once you learn the signs your boyfriend wants you to dump him, you get to drop him quickly and move on to a better guy. I think we all deserve better than this type of guy.

1 He Starts Blaming You

Remember when he actually took responsibility for his actions? One of the first signs your boyfriend wants you to dump him is he starts suddenly blaming you for everything. If he had a bad day at work, somehow it's your fault. If his food didn't settle right, it's your fault. While this might happen from time to time, it's not good when it becomes a regular thing. Don't take the blame. Dump him instead.

2 He Avoids the Future

If he avoids any mention of the future, he's ready to move on. This is especially true if you've been able to talk about the future before with no problem. The less he wants to talk about it, the more eager he is to end the relationship. It's even worse if he actively changes the subject or tells you he doesn't want to talk about it. The future's important and if it's not important to him, then he's not right for you anyway.

3 His Answers Become Shorter

Guys aren't exactly the most verbal, but when he starts to talk even less than normal, something's wrong. If he's not going through anything, it's probably the relationship that's in trouble. When a guy wants out of a relationship, he starts answering questions with one or two word answers. He doesn't volunteer anything and probably doesn't pay much attention to anything you're saying.

4 He Calls Less

If you don't live together, it's pretty easy to notice this sign. It starts gradually, but you will notice a drop in calls and texts. Don't worry if you're seeing each more often. If you see each other the same amount and he's still calling less frequently, there's a problem. You shouldn't have to chase him down. If he doesn't want to call you, let him go.

5 He Stands You up

When a guy's really into you, there's little that can stand in the way of him seeing you. Of course, he's free to have other plans. However, when he starts canceling on you on a regular basis with no real reason, he's just avoiding you. Avoiding a girlfriend is a common tactic when a guy just doesn't want to be with you anymore. It's cowardly, but it happens.

6 He's Always Grumpy around You

Does he seem happy around his friends, but not you? Instead of laughing and feeling comfortable around you, he's grumpy all the time. If you pay close attention, you'll quickly notice that it's just you. If this is the case, he's not happy in the relationship. He could actually talk to you about it, but instead he just gets ultra grouchy and impossible to be around.

7 He Calls You Something Different

I'm not talking about calling you by another woman's name here. That's a completely different issue. If he usually calls you by a pet name and he suddenly stops, there's likely a problem. Whenever he suddenly changes what he calls you, he's already made the break in his own mind. He's simply hoping you'll catch the hint and do what he isn't quite man enough to do himself.

I'm lucky to only have experienced this once, but I've watched others go through it several times. Once you notice any of these signs, check to make sure something else isn't wrong and if it's not, confront him. He'll likely waver back and forth and leave it up to you to do the dirty work. Have you ever dealt with this situation?

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