Special Christmas Gifts for Your Partner That Cost Nothing ...


Special Christmas Gifts for Your Partner That Cost Nothing  ...
Special Christmas Gifts for Your Partner That Cost Nothing  ...

It is fun buying gifts for your partner at Christmastime but there is a bunch of fun and romantic things you can do without spending money. A surprise gift of this nature adds a little excitement and heartfelt emotion into what could otherwise be materialistic and run-of-the-mill routine.

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Be a Slave for the Day

Be a Slave for the Day Go all out with this one. Be at your partner’s beck-and-call like a butler or servant. They can ask for anything, from a foot rub to having you dust the cobwebs out of the attic. Let it be known that you will do anything, and let your partner’s imagination run wild.


Make Breakfast in Bed

Make Breakfast in Bed It is a bit of a cliché, but it is fun having your breakfast brought to you in the morning. You may also find that it is a nice surprise because it is unexpected. Make something a little more fancy than a bowl of cereal.


Write a Poem That Rhymes

Write a Poem That Rhymes Many couples have written love songs and poems for their beloved, and if you are planning such a gift, then do your best to make it rhyme. If you think it is a little mushy, then make it funny, so long as the sentiment is one of love, compassion, respect and adoration.

I never thought you would love me
Because I have such a huge nose
But I have to tell you today
I love you from your head to your toes


Do Something That Your Partner Really Doesn’t Want to do

Do Something That Your Partner Really Doesn’t Want to do Most couples living together have to do a fair amount of chores, and by now you should know which one your partner hates the most. So, take that chore off of their hands for a day. It may be something as complex as bathing the kids, or as simple as walking the dog. If you want to be really sweet, then try doing it for a week.


Create an Extravagant Bed Fort for Two

Create an Extravagant Bed Fort for Two Do not just get under the covers. Get a small torch, and prop the quilt up with wires and/or poles. Actually turn your bed into a small tent. You can even get the curtains involved if they are close to your bed. Then all you have to do is snuggle up together and who knows to where it will lead …


Give Your Partner a Full Body Massage

Give Your Partner a Full Body Massage Most people hate giving massages because they are boring to give out, and sometimes they are tiring. However, they are great to receive, so come to terms with the fact you are about to spend an hour bored, and accept the fact that at the end your fingers and arms will hurt, and just do it for the one you love.


Let Your Partner Sleep in

Let Your Partner Sleep in This is not just a case of leaving your partner in bed. It means creeping out of bed, turning off your partner’s phone or alarm (not on a work day), and taking care of all the things in the house that need to be done, from getting the kids to school, to preparing the dinner. Do your best to ensure your partner doesn’t wake up, so that when he or she wakes and sees that everything has been done, it will be a nice surprise. Plus, people that sleep in for the morning are often more willing to stay up late at night (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).


Create a Video Naming All the Things You Love about Them

Create a Video Naming All the Things You Love about Them It can be a little intimidating spilling your feelings in person. Even if you are comfortable with each other, there are many times that you feel like a fool because it is almost as if your partner is your friend as well as your lover. So, all you need to do is write a script listing all the things you love about him/her and make a video. The great thing is that you can do numerous retakes so you get it right, and you can edit out the bits you do not like.


Make 3 Coupons for Rude Stuff

Make 3 Coupons for Rude Stuff You can make them by hand, and you have to promise to do them whenever your partner demands. There are probably a few things that they like receiving more than you like giving, but agree to do whatever they ask for each coupon. If you want to take a risk, then agree to do whatever rude things are asked as soon as they are asked, which includes if you are out and about at the time.


Turn up at Work with a Gift

Turn up at Work with a Gift This can be a tricky one, especially if your partner is based overseas in the military. However, turning up at the office with an arm full of flowers could be a nice gesture, especially if you clear it with her boss first. For a guy, you could turn up with a silk shirt and a sexy card. If you want to go for the free version, then surprise your partner by taking your lunch break with them. It adds a nice experience to a run-of-the-mill day at work.

The beauty of these gifts – other than you don’t have to spend money – is that they are suitable for any occasion, or just because. At Christmastime, make sure they are imbued with festiveness and the joys of the season, ‘cos, the holidays should be full of love. And of course these freebies can be supplemental to your bought gift.

What have you bought your partner this year?

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Why do ppl use the word slave so easily... like

I'm doing things like this for my man all this week.

Lovely to do something so meaningful that costs nothing. 

Nice list

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