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15 Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts That Don't Cost a Lot of Money ...

By Shannon

In my experience, the most affordable Valentine's Day gifts are usually the most meaningful. Not having come from money, I wasn't able to afford all the fancy and expensive stuff I see in the stores this time of year. A $200 neck massager? Nope. An $85 beer stein? At least that one's useful. A $75 dinner at a fancy restaurant? I'd rather have McDonald's at a picnic in the park.There are plenty of things you can do for him that won't break the bank. If you need ideas for affordable Valentine's Day gifts, here are a few suggestions. All of these things are either cheap or free.

1 Waterproof Portable Wireless Speakers

blue, product, feat, Ain’t nothing better than taking a hot shower whilst listening to your favorite tunes. For that reason, a waterproof portable wireless speaker is the perfect gift for those talented and aspiring singers or the ones who love singing off-tune cheesy pop songs.


2 Polarized Sunglasses

eyewear, sunglasses, glasses, vision care, fashion accessory, Summer is well on its way, which means fun days in the sun! Whether you’re a fan of the beach, the mountains or simply enjoying a stroll in the sun, these sunnies not only look awesome but are also polarized for protection.


3 Superman Logo T-shirt

t shirt, sleeve, product, active shirt, outerwear, Many absolutely love the odd logo T so if your guy is a big fan of Superman, then this might just be right up his alley!


4 Men’s Leather Wallet

bag, brown, leather, shoulder bag, handbag, It looks snazzy and gives your man a decent place to keep his cards and money – as opposed to storing it in his pockets, fumbling for change every time you go out.


5 Super Slim Quartz Casual Wristwatch

hand, watch, JINObi, Yes, smartphones are the new wristwatch, but a good-looking watch can definitely make the man. It compliments any outfit effortlessly and is totally affordable.


6 Casual Long-sleeved Shirt, Slim Fit

sleeve, jacket, shirt, product, outerwear, Ditch the oversized t-shirts on date night and have your man look incredibly sexy in this slim fit shirt. Pair it with a good pair of jeans and a smile and you’ve got yourself the hottest date in town.


7 IGloves

Mobile phone, font, product, finger, arm, Winter can be fun, but not when you’re wearing gloves. That’s why iGloves are probably the coolest invention. Now, you don’t have to take them off when you want to use your smartphone. Warm and in no way inconvenienced? Check.


8 Men’s Hooded Jacket

Clothing, White, Outerwear, Sleeve, Product, For a casual and fun look but also a useful item for winter, this hooded jacket is stylish and won’t break the bank. Win/win!


9 Guitar-shaped Bottle Opener

guitar, string instrument, musical instrument, plucked string instruments, violin, As a small additional gift, this guitar-shaped bottle opener is perfect for the music enthusiast. It’s also a sweet way to show the one you love that you’re interested in his hobbies – whether it’s playing guitar or beer-drinking!


10 Casual and Stylish Sweatpants

jeans, denim, waist, trousers, pocket, For those lazy days binge watching your favorite show on Netflix, these sweatpants are pretty cool looking and affordable. Additionally, it’ll make your man look cute, even when you’re planning a night in!


11 4 Pc Set of Leather Bracelets

brown, bracelet, fashion accessory, jewellery, rein, If your guy is one for little bits and pieces to accessories his look, then he’ll surely be a fan of these. They come in a 4 pack and are a color that’ll go with any outfit.


12 Ripped Jeans

footwear, boot, clothing, shoe, leg, This gift not only benefits your guy but also you – as you get to see him looking sexy in them! Ripped jeans are one of the hottest items all guys should have in their wardrobe.


13 Superman Black Buckle Leather Belt

belt, fashion accessory, wheel, buckle, watch, Another item for the cartoon-enthusiast in your life is this stylish black buckle leather belt with a small yet adorable Superman logo on the front.


14 Cartoon Figure Boxer Shorts

underpants, briefs, clothing, active undergarment, undergarment, If your man enjoys a bit of naughtiness or sass, he might have a good chuckle with these. More importantly, let him model them for you for a fun and sexy time.


15 Camouflage Loose Cargo Shorts

clothing, shorts, pocket, trousers, trunks, These are good-looking, simple and completely versatile. You can wear them up with a smart shirt or a casual T and still look great!


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