8 Signs You're Ready to Date ...


8 Signs You're Ready to Date ...
8 Signs You're Ready to Date ...

You are Ready to Date when your friends say so right? That's not true ladies. Only you can decide when you are ready to date after a bad breakup. Breakups are really hard to get through and you don't want to just jump into dating. Don't worry though, I've got the top 8 signs you are ready to date again.

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No Baggage

Even if you are just dating, you don't want to bring all of that emotional baggage onto a new guy. If you are emotional baggage free, you are ready to date. Just don't dwell on the past relationship. Let it go!


No More Anger

Dating and anger never mix well. If you are still upset that your ex boyfriend never sent you roses. If you're still pissed that he never gave you what you needed, you aren't ready to start dating yet. Give all of that up ladies before you are ready to date again!


Stopped Obsessing over the past

Remember when I said you've got to give up the past? Well, it's the truth. No guy wants to hear about the ex boyfriend that left you, the ex that cheated on you. You want to stop obsessing over your past and in turn, over your ex!


You're at Peace

Have you given up the past? Have you been through the 8 stages of a breakup? Are you done with your ex? These are all signs you are ready to date again. You want to be completely at peace with your single self!


You're Noticing Men

When you're going through heartbreak, you probably aren't noticing any men around you right? One of the first signs you are ready to date is that you'll find men attractive. So go out men-hunting ladies, it's time to get out there and date!


No Longer Thinking about Your Ex

You know when you are going through a tough breakup, you probably are constantly thinking about your ex right? Well ladies, if you've stopped having him constantly in your thoughts, it might be a sign that you are ready to date again! When he stops dominating all of your thoughts, maybe think about adding a new guy to the mix!


You're Okay Being Alone

When you're a girl and you are single, you have to be okay being alone. A guy wants a woman that is strong and self-sufficient. Once you are okay being alone, I promise you'll find Mr. Right!


It Feels Right

The most important sign you are ready to date comes from your gut. If you feel right dating again, it's time. You never want to date just because someone else thinks you should be dating.

Learning the signs when you are ready to date again is hard! Breaking up is even harder. What you are ready to date again have you used in the past? Do they match up with any I've listed? Come on, share your experiences with me!

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I don't think I'm ready to date yet!!!!

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