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7 Signs You Are Dating a Control Freak ...

By Riam

Are you curious of what to look out for when it comes to signs you’re dating a control freak? Well look no further ladies, 'cos I've gathered 7 signs for you to discover if your partner is a control freak! If you feel that you've been infatuated, and that maybe the "love is blind" term applies to you, it’s probably time to get back to reality and realize how your partner really treats you, so here goes with some of the signs you're dating a control freak.

Table of contents:

  1. Settling
  2. Too much jealousy
  3. Controlling your eating habits
  4. Constant critique
  5. How you dress
  6. Bashing your friends or family
  7. Changing yourself

1 Settling

This is one of the most important signs, when you’re trying to figure out the signs you’re dating a control freak! You should never feel you have to settle for anyone. I understand it can be hard to find that special someone, and it’s normal to become a little irrational and "desperate," and just take what you can have (for the moment!), just to feel complete or less lonely. This sign is not found in your partner, but within yourself: so take a moment and think it all through. Do you feel that your partner compliments your soul? Or does he rather just torment your life by constantly demanding too much from you, which makes him shield the amazing woman you truly are?

2 Too Much Jealousy

if your partner can’t deal with the fact that you have friends and a life besides him, maybe you should reconsider your relationship! Your partner should accept that even though you’re in a committed relationship, you still need your own separate private time to some extent. Your relationship can sometimes need a little healthy amount of air, so that your love can continue to grow big and beautiful without you having to spend every minute together!

3 Controlling Your Eating Habits

I know this sounds bizarre to some people, but it’s quite an important sign of dating a control freak to keep an eye out for! Now, it’s something else to receive genuine food-related tips from your partner, but when it turns into a crazy world where he actually is controlling what you’re eating, you need to re-evaluate your relationship! Your partner should boost your self-confidence, and not tear you down by telling you what to eat or perhaps to lose weight.

4 Constant Critique

If he always has some sort of critique of basically everything you either do or say, he is not worth your precious time! This is a sign that is easily noticed, because we tend to never forget when someone is critiquing us in a negative matter, and it stays within us, as it’s upsetting. It should be healthy and natural to be able to tell each other how you feel about certain things you say/do, but it should never be one-sided. The tone is definitely also very important, it’s all about the phrase, "it’s not what you said, it’s the way you said it!"

5 How You Dress

What you decide to wear is of your choice only! If your partner constantly wants you to change your outfit before you go out with or without him, don’t obey. Your style is your style, and you should stay true to yourself. Your behavior is not reflected in the clothes you wear. If he is trying to control this issue, it’s a sign he doesn't trust you to go out without him in revealing clothes. Many may think it’s a sign that their partner truly loves them, but a healthy relationship is based on trust, and if someone approaches you on a night out, your partner will trust you to turn them down.

6 Bashing Your Friends or Family

I’ve had this happen to me once. A close friend was dating someone who didn't like me, which was very unpleasant for both her and me. If your partner doesn't seem to like any of your friends/family and always has something disrespectful to say about them, he is probably not the person you’re looking for. Your partner should accept your friends and actually try to make an effort to get to know them, assuming that he loves you. Not getting along with everyone is perfectly normal, but if your partner is dissatisfied with basically all your friends/family members, he may not be worth it for you to sacrifice your other significant relations.

7 Changing Yourself

Finally, if you overall feel that your partner is forcing you to be someone you’re not, you’re much better off without. In a committed relationship you should be able to make small sacrifices for each other, but if the relationship requires you to change the real you, it will tear you apart in the end. Sneak out before it all turns worse. In the end, what does it matter to stay in a relationship where your partner doesn't love you for the real lovely you?

There you go! If you, after reading these 7 signs you're dating a control freak, feel that your partner tends to control you, please don’t feel like you have to deal with it! What is your personal experience with a controlling partner? Do you have a piece of good advice of your own, on how to deal, that I haven’t provided? Share with me in the comments!

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